My Quest to Decorate with Prismatic Deer from Sam’s Club

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Holiday Decorating on a Warehouse Club Budget

The holidays are my favorite time of year. As soon as November 1st hits, I’m blasting Christmas carols, baking cookies, and decorating every inch of my home with festive trimmings. I especially love decorating the outside of my house with flashy, over-the-top decorations that spread holiday cheer up and down the block.

In the past, I’ve always shopped at boutique home goods stores and spent way too much money on my elaborate decor. But this year I wanted to take a more budget-friendly approach. That’s why I decided to check out the holiday offerings at my local Sam’s Club. I’d heard they have giant, eye-catching decorations at warehouse prices. And as I explored the aisles, one decorative item caught my eye – the prismatic deer.

This colorful deer decoration was gigantic – easily 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide. It was made of sturdy plastic formed in the shape of a proud buck deer, his head held high and antlers spread wide. But what really made it stand out was its unique prismatic surface. Thousands of embedded glass beads refracted the light into little rainbows that danced across the deer’s body. I was utterly mesmerized. I knew right then that this dazzling Prismatic Deer would be the statement piece for my outdoor holiday display this year.

After checking the price tag, I was thrilled to see that it was only $79.99. Way cheaper than similar sized decorations at home or garden stores. But before committing, I still had some questions. Would it hold up in the elements? How difficult would assembly be? And most importantly, how magnificent would this prismatic deer look on my front lawn? I was on a mission to find answers.

Investigating the Practicalities of a Prismatic Beast

After lugging the large prismatic deer box onto my cart, I noticed it weighed a hefty 25 pounds with dimensions of 45 x 19 x 72 inches. It wasn’t huge, but still bulky enough that I probably wouldn’t be able to fit it in my compact car. The assembly directions on the box indicated that it was three pieces that had to be snapped together. Seemed easy enough.

Next I inspected the material specifications to see if this decoration could handle the outdoors. The plastic components were made of UV-protected ABS thermoplastic, and the prismatic coating was waterproof and fade-resistant. It was even rated for temperatures from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect for enjoying on my front lawn throughout the holidays, even here in Minnesota where winter weather can be quite extreme.

I talked to a helpful store associate who reassured me that the prismatic deer was built to last outdoors. He said it was one of their most popular Christmas decorations this year because of its flashy prismatic design and durability. I also asked if I could return it after the holidays if I wasn’t satisfied. He confirmed Sam’s Club has a 90 day return policy, though heavily used seasonal items cannot be returned once opened. Reasonable enough!

Deer Hunt: Tracking Down the Perfect Prismatic Specimen

With my practical concerns addressed, it was time for the most important test – how dazzling and majestic would this prismatic deer look illuminating my snowy front yard? I ventured back to the holiday decor section to inspect the sample model on display. As soon as I saw its radiant rainbow sheen glowing under the store lights, I knew I had found decorative magic. This vibrant deer would truly transform my home into a winter wonderland.

But I’m quite picky so I wanted to scrutinize a few different prismatic deer specimens to pick just the right one. I delicately inspected each lovely deer in turn, searching for any flaws or irregularities in the prismatic coating. Out of a dozen options, only one met my discerning criteria with a smooth, blemish-free finish that refracted the most vivid spectrum of rainbow colors. It was deer decorating destiny – this was THE prismatic deer for me!

I happily carted my deer trophy up to the register. I was thrilled to get such an extravagant, show-stopping decoration at a reasonable Sam’s Club price. Though a bit awkward and heavy to maneuver into my car, I managed to transport my new holiday centerpiece home. I couldn’t wait to unleash its dazzling radiance in my front yard!

Assembling a Prismatic Beast with Ease

Upon getting home, I quickly opened the prismatic deer packaging so I could assemble it right away. The plastic parts were cleverly packed in formed styrofoam for protection. I laid out the three main components on my living room floor – the deer’s head and antlers, its center torso, and the base. The instructions indicated that the pieces simply snap together securely.

Connecting the torso piece with the base was smooth and easy. I was impressed that even on the carpet, these heavy plastic pieces still locked tightly in place with a resounding “snap”. Next I attached the head and antlers. This required a bit more finesse to align the antlers into the slots on the torso. But with a firm push, the head also snapped satisfyingly into place right on the first try.

In less than five minutes, my prismatic deer stood proudly before me in full assembled form. I slowly rotated the deer, admiring how the rainbow colors danced in the light. The plastic antlers were flexible too, so I didn’t have to worry about them snapping off if the deer decoration tipped over outside. Overall, I was thrilled with how simple and fast assembly was. This would definitely NOT be joining the ranks of other frustrating holiday decor builds that have left me cursing in the past.

Unleashing the Beast in a Blaze of Glory

The big moment had finally arrived to unveil this dazzling prismatic deer on my snow-laden front lawn. I hauled the deer outside and found the perfect spot right next to my front path where it would be eye-catching, yet out of the way. I spent some time carefully adjusting the angle to make sure its prismatic coating caught the winter sunlight just right. Finally, I secured it in place by pressing the stake on the bottom into the ground.

Stepping back to take it all in, gleeful tears nearly came to my eyes. This rainbow- refracting deer was even more glorious than I imagined. Its dazzling colors shone so brightly, it looked like a mythical creature straight out of a winter solstice legend. I could already tell people would be stopping and staring when they passed my home, unable to resist its magical prismatic allure.

Throughout the short winter days in the following weeks, my stunning decorative deer shone like a beacon of twinkling rainbows. The bold prismatic colors glowed radiantly at dawn and dusk when hit just right by the low sun. And even on gloomy, overcast days, the deer cast a colorful aura of holiday cheer. I was absolutely delighted with its eye-catching effects.

Neighbors have repeatedly commented on how the prismatic deer makes my home look festive and fanciful. Quite a few said they planned to purchase one for themselves next Christmas after seeing how great mine looked. The deer decoration far exceeded my hopes and became a neighborhood sensation. I really have Sam’s Club to thank for offering an incredible, joy-spreading prismatic deer at such an affordable warehouse price. This showstopping decoration will continue brightening my holidays for many winters to come!

After the Holidays – Prismatic Deer Roundup

As the twinkling magic of the holidays faded into January, it was sadly time to box up my prismatic beast until next Christmas. The weather had not been kind to my poor deer. Weeks of heavy snow, rain, and bitter winds had weathered its once smooth, lustrous finish. The prismatic coating was now pitted and peeling in areas. Much of its gorgeous rainbow luster had dulled as well.

While inspecting this deterioration, I realized that storing the deer outdoors year round probably wasn’t the best idea. I should have at least under-covered it during extreme weather to maintain its pristine, bead-coated aesthetics. But despite losing some of its optical brilliance, the plastic deer itself was still structurally intact and salvageable.

After removing it from the lawn, I examined the prismatic deer for any cracks or breaks from its time braving the elements. To my relief, the sturdy plastic hadn’t cracked at all, and the pieces held together just as tightly as when first assembled. The antlers remained flexible too. Only the prismatic finish had really suffered. This reinforced why the heavy-duty plastic construction and winter weather rating make it ideally suited to outdoor holiday display.

I used warm water and diluted soap to gently clean the entirety of the deer’s surface and restore some prismatic sheen. After it air dried, I packed the deer securely with plastic wrap and soft blankets in its original styrofoam and box. I labeled the box with instructions for next year to under-cover and weather seal it when not on display. Then I safely stored my cherished decoration away until the next holiday season arrives.

Holiday Decorating on a Budget? Prismatic Deer to the Rescue!

Overall I could not have been more thrilled with my festive prismatic deer from Sam’s Club. It exceeded my expectations as an affordable, durable outdoor decoration that made a dazzling statement in my yard. I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to add a showstopping holiday focal point without breaking the budget.

A few final tips based on my experience with this amazing decoration:

  • Carefully inspect the prismatic finish for any flaws before purchase. Rainbow refraction really suffers if the coating is damaged.
  • Allow enough vehicle space for transport since the box is bulky. Breakdown is easy but takes time to repack.
  • Place your deer in a spot that catches sunlight at the right angle to maximize prismatic brilliance.
  • Weather protect it when not on display to maintain that smooth, lustrous finish.
  • Anchor securely so it stays upright in wind, rain and snow.
  • Handle the antlers gently to avoid breakage of the flexible plastic.

So go grab a prismatic deer from Sam’s Club and unleash some rainbow magic in your yard this holiday season! It’s sure to impress all who gaze upon its splendid glory.

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