20x Disposable Microwave Steamer Bags – Cook Vegetables, Potatoes, Fish & Meat Effortlessly


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Tired of overcooked, mushy veggies or undercooked, crunchy ones? Struggling to find an easy, mess-free way to steam healthy meals in minutes? Look no further than these disposable microwave steamer bags!

Simply fill the BPA-free bags with fresh or frozen vegetables, potatoes, fish or poultry, seal, and pop in the microwave. In just minutes, you’ll have perfectly steamed food, overflowing with flavor and nutrients. No pots, no pans, no cleanup required.

Effortless, Even Steaming Every Time

Forget about babysitting food on the stovetop. These innovative steamer bags circulate steam evenly throughout the bag for consistent, foolproof results. Just fill, seal, and microwave. Frozen veggies come out tender, not mushy. Raw potatoes and fish cook through perfectly without drying out.

The bags stand upright in the microwave so food steams uniformly. Vent holes let moisture escape instead of making food soggy. A safe, BPA-free material locks in flavor and nutrients.

Retain More Nutrients & Flavor Than Other Cooking Methods

Steaming is one of the healthiest ways to cook. It preserves more vitamins and minerals compared to boiling, microwaving or sautéing without water.

These microwave steamer bags let you infuse food with more nutrients and flavor in minutes. Bags distribute steam evenly to ensure proper cooking. Sealed bags lock in flavor and nutrients instead of leeching them into cooking water.

Cook Fresh or Frozen Foods

Whether starting with fresh greens or frozen mixed veggies, these steamer bags have you covered. They’re ideal for all kinds of vegetables – broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, green beans and more.

Use them to steam potatoes, fish fillets, boneless chicken breasts, shrimp and other proteins. Bags stand up in the microwave for even cooking. Vent holes prevent sogginess.

Season & Customize Meals in the Bag

Personalize flavors by seasoning foods right in the microwave cooking bag. Add lemon pepper or Cajun seasoning to fish or chicken. Toss green beans with garlic butter before steaming. Mix potatoes with rosemary, olive oil and minced garlic.

Seal in seasoning and moisture with the bags. In just minutes, you’ll have restaurant-quality results at home, full of flavor.

Easier & Less Messy Than Stovetop Steaming

Skip the pots, colanders and hot pads required for stovetop steaming. Simply fill these disposable bags with ingredients, seal, and microwave.

Vented bags let steam escape so food won’t get soggy. No need to carefully monitor water levels.These bags stand on their own, so there’s no colander, steaming basket or plate to clean up. Just toss when done!

Microwave Cooking Guide for Perfect Results

Each bag includes cooking times for common foods. Follow the guidelines for tender vegetables, fluffy potatoes and perfectly cooked proteins every time.

– Frozen vegetables: 5-7 minutes
– Fresh vegetables: 3-5 minutes
– Potatoes: 6-8 minutes
– Fish fillets: 5-7 minutes
– Boneless chicken breasts: 8-10 minutes

Microwave wattages vary, so adjust cook times as needed. And be careful when handling hot bags after cooking!

Take the Guesswork Out of Healthy Microwave Meals

Whipping up a quick, healthy dinner is easy with these disposable steamer bags. They take the guesswork out of microwave cooking so you can focus on flavor.

Steam broccoli, carrots, potatoes, fish and more to perfection. Bags cook food evenly and make meal prep nearly effortless.

Start steaming healthy, delicious meals in minutes with these microwave cooker bags today!


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