Artflower 56Ft Fake Ivy Garland with Lights – Realistic Artificial Vines for Indoor Outdoor Decor


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Bring the Charm of Lush Greenery into Your Home with Artflower’s Realistic Fake Ivy Vines

Want to add a touch of organic charm to your living space but lack a green thumb? Artflower’s set of 8 artificial ivy garlands are the perfect solution for infusing any indoor or outdoor area with the beauty of lush greenery without the maintenance.

This abundant bundle of faux hanging vines totals an impressive 56 feet in length and comes complete with warm white fairy lights to create a magical ambiance. Drape them over your bed, twist them along a railing, accent your wedding backdrop, or style them anywhere you desire an inviting pop of botanic vibrancy.

Realistic Details Mimic the Intricacies of Genuine Ivy

Expertly handcrafted to capture the natural intricacies of ivy down to the last detail, these lifelike garlands feature:

– Delicately shaped green leaves with varied sizes, shapes, and detailing

– Realistic stems and tendrils that twist and turn

– Durable high-quality silk leaves that maintain their vivid color and texture over time

– Shot bone inner structure allowing the vines to be twisted, shaped, and draped naturally

Customize Your Display with Mix and Match Options

With 8 individual 56-inch vines included, you can mix and match lengths to create a lush botanical display suited to your unique space. Use the full length for an abundantly draped look or cut pieces to size for a more tailored arrangement. Their flexibility allows you to shape charming accents anywhere you desire.

Ambient Lighting Sets the Mood

In addition to the abundantly full vines, this set includes a 33-foot length of warm white fairy lights easily woven throughout to infuse your display with a dreamlike glow. Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included), these LED lights create a romantic ambiance perfect for bedrooms, parties, outdoor patios, and anywhere you want to set the mood.

Decorate with Endless Possibilities

This abundant set of mixed length artificial vines lends itself to a wide range of decor applications, including:

– Draping gracefully over curtain rods, headboards, mirrors and artwork

– Wrapping posts, bannisters, and stair railings

– Enhancing wedding backdrops and venue decor

– Accenting mantels, shelves, and table centerpieces

– Shaping DIY wreaths, swags, hanging baskets and topiaries

– Winding through fences, trellises, and garden structures

Create your own lush oasis and enjoy the beauty of natural greenery without the maintenance!

Superior Quality from a Trusted Brand

Artflower is dedicated to providing realistic, high-quality artificial botanicals that bring lasting beauty to your indoor and outdoor spaces. Our faux garlands are carefully constructed from durable materials built to last season after season with zero upkeep required.

Experience the easy elegance of Artflower’s vines and lights bundle! Completely transform any space with this abundant greenery display and warm mood lighting.


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