Camp Chef Reversible Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle and Grill Combo – 16” x 24” Dual-Sided Cooking Surface for Camp Stoves


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The Camp Chef Reversible Cast Iron Griddle and Grill Combo is the ultimate 2-in-1 cooking accessory for camp stoves. With a flat griddle on one side and ribbed grill on the other, this versatile pre-seasoned cast iron cookware allows you to easily prepare a wide variety of meals at your campsite or on outdoor adventures.

Dual-Sided Cast Iron Cook Surface

The reversible design features a smooth flat griddle surface perfect for cooking pancakes, eggs, and other breakfast foods or searing vegetables, small cuts of meat, and more for lunch or dinner. Simply flip the griddle over to reveal the built-in grill side. The raised grill ridges allow grease to drain away from food for quick and healthy grilled meals just like you’d make at home on your backyard BBQ.

Thanks to the superior heat retention of rugged cast iron, both sides of the griddle distribute heat evenly to prevent hot or cold spots while locking in sear marks. The pre-seasoned finish also provides a natural nonstick surface.

Compatible with Camp Chef Stoves

This durable 16” x 24” cast iron griddle is designed to fit all Camp Chef 16” camp stoves so you can easily integrate it into your current outdoor cookware set up. The included removable griddle sits securely on the stove grate for safe use.

Weighing 14 pounds, the reversible griddle grill combo features two molded handles on each side for safe transport and handling. The handles allow you to confidently flip the griddle as needed.

True Seasoned Cast Iron Construction

Constructed from rugged true seasoned cast iron, this griddle provides unparalleled heat retention and distribution. The material absorbs heat well for consistent cooking across the entire surface. Pour a pancake batter onto the flat side and watch it cook to a perfect golden brown, flipping just once. Grill up juicy burgers, steaks, or vegetables on the ribbed BBQ side.

Over time, the patina seasoning on the cast iron develops to prevent food from sticking. Unlike other griddle materials, cast iron only improves with use. Even better, it requires no special treatment. Simply hand wash the cook surface after each use.

Precision-Fit Dual Stove Lid Included

For added functionality, the package includes a custom dual stove lid that allows you to convert the cook top into a flush stove surface for pots and pans when the griddle is not in use. The lid fits seamlessly over the stove grate with specialized notches to accommodate the griddle handles.

Get the Most Out of Your Camp Chef Stove

Whether you’re a camp chef novice or a seasoned pro, this reversible griddle and grill attachment will change the way you cook outdoors. The 2-in-1 design essentially doubles the capabilities of your Camp Chef stove so you can prepare pancakes, bacon, eggs, grilled sandwiches, burgers, veggies, steaks, and more.

Take your camping culinary experience to the next level with the convenience of cast iron cooking right at your campsite. This rugged accessory will provide years of delicious meals and memories no matter what your outdoor adventure.

Product Highlights

– Dual cast iron griddle and grill surfaces in one
– Griddle side for cooking pancakes, eggs, meats, veggies
– Grill side with ridges distributes grease like a BBQ
– Pre-seasoned finish for ready-to-use cooking right away
– Durable cast iron construction provides superior heat retention
– Two integrated side handles for safe flipping and transport
– Fits all Camp Chef 16” camp stoves
– Weighs 14 pounds; dimensions 16” x 24”
– Includes custom dual stove lid for flush cooking surface
– Easy to care for – just hand wash after each use

Take your camp cooking to the next level with the Camp Chef Reversible Cast Iron Griddle and Grill Combo.


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