Clever Kitchen Silicone Trivet Pot Mats – Heat Resistant Pot Holders for Tables and Counters (Black, 2 Square + 2 Round)




Tired of burned fingers or messy counter spills when cooking? Clever Kitchen’s innovative silicone trivet pot mats provide a simple solution for protecting your hands, counters, and tables.

These flexible silicone pot holders allow you to comfortably grip hot pots and pans directly from the oven or stove. The heat resistant design keeps counters cooler when setting down steaming dishes, while also preventing condensation rings. Flat bottoms keep pots steady while the honeycomb texture on top provides a no-slip grip.

With carefree convenience, you can go from stovetop to tabletop without a second thought. Serve up soups and stews piping hot without worrying about placement or burns. The trivet pot mats shield your surfaces while complementing any table decor.

All the Benefits of Premium Quality Silicone

Expertly constructed from 100% food grade silicone, the BPA-free material withstands temperatures from a frigid -40°F up to a scorching 446°F. The flexible yet sturdy design allows these trivets to be easily maneuvered as you cook and serve.

Silicone provides unmatched performance. It does not melt, stain, or retain odors. A quick rinse keeps trivet pot mats looking like new for years of reliable service. They are conveniently lightweight and portable. Toss them in your camping gear or keep some handy for garden parties and potlucks.

Clever, Convenient Design

With two generously sized 10.2 x 7.1 inch square trivets and two 8.3 inch round trivets, you’ll always have the right size pot holder close by. Cleverly designed grooves on the rim allow condensation runoff so food vapors don’t pool underneath hot pots. The ridged honeycomb pattern on the top provides a no-slip, steady grip when moving dishes.

Strategic openings in the corners make storage a cinch. Hang trivet pot mats on hooks inside cabinets or simply stack them to conserve drawer space. Their thin 0.2 inch profile takes up barely any room at all.

Vibrant black coloration keeps silicone trivets looking clean even after rugged use. Durable construction holds up impeccably over thousands of cycles.

For Hot Pots, Cold Plates, and Everything in Between

Take your cooking capabilities to the next level with a multitude of uses for these silicone trivet pot mats:

  • Pot holders – Grip piping hot pots, pans, and lids directly from the oven
  • Hot pads – Protect hands from steam burns when straining pasta or handling hot dishes
  • Trivets – Use as a heat-safe base for hot pans, slow cookers, and electric skillets
  • Countertop protectors – Prevent scratches, burns, and water rings from steaming food
  • Placemats – Insulate tables from extreme heat when serving soups, stews, and casseroles
  • Cooling racks – Provide a nonstick resting place for cold items from the refrigerator or freezer
  • Spoon rests – Keep messy drips contained while cooking, baking, or prepping food
  • Dish drying mats – Give wet cookware and dinnerware a place to air dry

With Clever Kitchen silicone trivet pot mats close at hand in the kitchen, you’ll wonder how you ever cooked without them. Protect your hands, counters, and tables while serving hot food safely.

We Guarantee Satisfaction

We proudly stand behind our silicone trivet pot mats. Our products are rigorously tested to ensure unmatched quality and reliability. We provide an extended 18 month replacement warranty should any issues arise.

Contact our friendly customer service team with any questions – we’re always happy to help! Add a 4 pack of versatile black silicone trivet pot mats to your cart today. You’ll be amazed at how often they come in handy while protecting what matters most – your home, safety, and convenience in the kitchen.


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