Colorful Cool Mini Humidifier Flower Shape Personal Desktop USB Humidifier for Home Office Car Bedroom – 7 Color Lights & 2 Mist Modes


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Tired of dry air leaving your skin feeling parched? Bring moisture back into your personal space with the Colorful Cool Mini Humidifier. This compact flower-shaped humidifier adds a touch of style while emitting a cool mist to restore moisture to dry indoor air.

With its 7 soothing LED light colors and 2 misting modes, this mini USB humidifier provides customizable relaxation. The quiet operation also makes it ideal for personal spaces like a bedroom, home office, or work cubicle. Plus, its portable design allows you to bring effortless moisture wherever you go!


  • Portable Flower Shape: Stylish and compact 4.57″ x 5″ design easily fits on a desk, nightstand, or in a car
  • 2 Misting Modes: Continuous misting or intermittent misting (3 second pauses)
  • 7 Color LED Lights: Cycle through 7 soft colors or pause it on your favorite
  • Nano-Atomization: Creates an ultra-fine cool mist without wetting surfaces
  • Leakproof Design: Internal tank pouring without leakage or mess
  • Super Quiet: Near-silent operation won’t disturb your focus
  • 300ml Capacity: Provides longer continuous misting runtime
  • USB Powered: Plug into any powered USB port or adapter

Mini But Mighty Moisture

Don’t let the compact size fool you – this little humidifier packs a moisturizing punch. The 300ml water tank offers up to 12 hours of continuous mist on a single fill. Nano-atomization technology creates an ultra-fine mist to humidify and refresh indoor air.

Unlike traditional humidifiers, the nano-mist won’t wet surfaces and instead evaporates quickly to restore moisture. The leakproof internal tank also eliminates spills and messes when refilling. No more worrying about accidentally knocking over your humidifier!

Customizable Relaxation

Personalize your humidity with the built-in LED mood lights and mist settings. Choose from 7 soft and soothing colors to set the mood. Cycle through the spectrum or pause on a favorite shade to match your decor.

The two mist modes allow you to tailor the humidity output. Opt for steady continuous misting or intermittent misting with 3-second pauses. For bedtime, select intermittent mist and your favorite color for the ultimate relaxation.

Whisper Quiet Operation

Unlike other small humidifiers, this one won’t distract you with noise. The quiet operation makes it unobtrusive in offices, bedrooms, and other focused spaces. The near-silent mist dispersed into the air can help you breathe easier without interruption.

Compact and Portable

The mini flower shape takes up barely any desk space but makes a stylish statement. Easily toss it in a purse or bag to take moisture with you on-the-go. The USB power option allows you to plug it into a laptop, power bank, or wall outlet with an adapter.

Whether using at home, work, or traveling, this little humidifier goes wherever you need a moisture boost!

How to Use:

  1. Unscrew the front cover and remove the cotton tube
  2. Rinse the cotton tube thoroughly under water
  3. Replace the cotton tube and fill tank with water
  4. Screw the front cover back on securely
  5. Plug into any USB port or adapter
  6. Press the power button to turn on the LED light
  7. Press the mist button to start humidifying

Experience the moisturizing mist for yourself! Whether your skin feels dry, sinuses feel congested, or you just want to add a touch of ambiance, the Colorful Cool Mini Humidifier makes it easy to customize the perfect humidity.

Technical Details:

  • Dimensions: 4.57″ x 5″ (118mm x 130mm)
  • Tank Capacity: 300ml
  • Run Time: Up to 12 hours continuous mist
  • Coverage Area: 10-25 sq. ft
  • Water Tank: Internal leakproof tank
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Power Supply: USB 5V
  • Cable Length: 5.9 ft (1.8m)
  • Noise Level: ≤28dB (near silent operation)
  • What’s Included: Humidifier unit, USB cable, user manual

Refresh stale dry air and breathe deeply again with the Colorful Cool Mini Humidifier. With its stylish design, soothing lights, and whisper-quiet operation, it’s the perfect desktop companion.

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