Cozy Comfort 1500W Ceramic Space Heater – Fast Heat and Total Temperature Control for Bedroom, Office, or Any Room


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Stay toasty without cranking up your thermostat! This 1500W ceramic space heater provides targeted, energy-efficient warmth right where you need it.

The advanced PTC heating technology quickly infuses rooms with soothing warmth. Once your space heater kicks on, it only takes moments before you’re enveloped in cozy comfort. Adjustable heat settings and precise temperature control let you customize the heat to your needs.

With portable convenience and compact size, this electric heater can be positioned anywhere you want concentrated heat. Use it as the perfect personal heater in a chilly home office, bedroom, bathroom or other small space. Save significantly on energy bills by only heating the rooms you occupy.

Rapid & Even Room Heating

Don’t shiver through slow, uneven heat up times like with some bulky space heaters. This 1500W small space heater pumps out steady heat using an energy-efficient ceramic element and powerful fan.

The PTC ceramic technology heats up rapidly, while the fan distributes comforting warmth throughout the room. Within minutes you’ll be enjoying a warmer space for working, reading, sleeping or just unwinding on chilly days.

The streamlined, tower design promotes better heat circulation than boxier heaters. The contoured housing focuses hot airflow so you feel surrounded in soothing warmth.

Adjustable for Personal Comfort

Customize the temperature settings to match your personal comfort needs. Choose from Low 1000W, Medium 1500W or High 1500W. There’s also a cool air fan-only option for year-round use.

Set the digital LED thermostat to your ideal heat level and let the space heater maintain a steady, comfortable temperature. Built-in overheat and tip-over auto shutoff provides peace of mind.

Stay cozy without overheating or wasting excess energy. This smart space heater automatically adjusts heat output to match the thermostat setting. Once your desired temp is reached, it will power off and on as needed.

Portable and Compact for Any Room

The lightweight, compact body has a built-in carry handle for easily transporting between rooms. Place it by your feet at a desk to eliminate chilly drafts and boost productivity. Keep your master suite or nursery comfortable and cozy at night for better rest. Roll it into the bathroom on cold mornings to take the chill out of the air.

This portable ceramic heater measures just 7.1 x 6.7 x 9.5 inches and uses minimal floor space. The elongated, tower design tucks neatly beside furniture and in corners. Despite its small size, it provides impressive 1500 watt heating power!

Use it as supplemental heating to lower your thermostat and save significantly on energy expenditures. By only heating occupied rooms, you can cut down on unnecessary energy waste.

Intelligent Safety Features for Peace of Mind

The integrated safety systems provide multiple layers of protection to prevent accidents and overheating. It will automatically power off if tipped over, ensuring safety around kids and pets.

The overheat protection sensor inside the fireproof housing shuts the unit down in the event of overheating. Cool touch exterior prevents accidental burns. An integrated timer lets you program 1 to 12 hours of operation for added energy savings and safety.

The ETL certification ensures the space heater meets the latest industry safety and quality standards. Rest assured this heater will provide energy-efficient warmth while maintaining the utmost safety.

Experience Targeted Warmth and Energy Savings

Stay cozy this winter without inefficiently heating empty rooms! The Cozy Comfort Ceramic Space Heater warms small spaces efficiently using advanced heating elements and precise temperature control.

Within minutes, the concentrated heat surrounds you in warmth and wellbeing. Conveniently portable design lets you position it wherever you want localized comfort. Integrated safety systems give you peace of mind.


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