DR.PREPARE Projection Alarm Clock with Weather Forecast, Large Night Clock with Outdoor/Indoor Temp


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Wake up refreshed and informed every morning with the DR.PREPARE Projection Alarm Clock. This innovative digital bedside clock displays the time, temperature, weather info, and more directly on your wall or ceiling for easy viewing from bed.

Tired of squinting at tiny alarm clock screens or fumbling for your glasses? This projection clock allows you to simply look up to view a crystal clear, 180° flipped display projected from a built-in swiveling projector. It’s like having a personal Jumbotron in your bedroom!

The projection screen is large enough to be read from anywhere in the room. The auto-dimming display senses ambient light levels, adjusting the brightness for optimal nighttime viewing that won’t disturb your sleep. No more disrupted rest or eye strain.

In addition to the clock, the projection screen alternates between displaying indoor and outdoor temperatures. Outdoor readings are measured by the included wireless remote sensor, which transmits data to the clock from up to 100 feet away.

Place the sensor outside a window or door to keep track of temperatures in your yard, garden, or outdoor workspace. Min/max temperature recordings allow you to monitor highs and lows throughout the day.

The backlit LCD screen provides all your vital information in crisp, vivid color. View the current time, full calendar date, alarms status, weather forecast icon, moon phase, and indoor humidity level.

Customize your experience with 4 brightness levels and auto-dimming adjustment. The dynamic display ensures maximum comfort day or night. Intuitive buttons make setting alarms and times effortless.

Other convenient features include:

– Dual alarms – set separate wake up times for couples or weekdays/weekends
– Snooze – delay alarm in 5-60 minute increments by pressing top button
– 12/24 hour time formats
– Battery backup maintains time in a power outage

Rise and shine in style with the DR.PREPARE Projection Alarm Clock. The 180° flip display projects a crisp, jumbo view of the time and temperature onto walls and ceilings for easy viewing. Set your morning routine up for success with all your vital information displayed in a clean, high-contrast format.


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