EIKS Stainless Steel Melting Pot – 13oz Capacity Boiler Bowl for Chocolate, Candy, Butter, Cheese, Candle Making


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Discover the perfect melting pot for delicate ingredients with EIKS’ thoughtfully designed 13oz stainless steel boiler bowl. This premium melting pot makes preparing gourmet treats like chocolate bonbons, fondue, and candle making easy and enjoyable.

Superior Grade Stainless Steel

Constructed from thick 18/8 304 stainless steel, this melting pot resists corrosion and rust even when exposed to water and heat. The sturdy steel construction evenly conducts and retains heat for smooth melting every time. It’s built to last through years of regular use.

Clever Two-Handle Design

A 4.1 inch stay-cool handle allows you to grip and tilt the melting pot with complete control. A handy front handle lets you stabilize the pot on the edge of larger vessels during double boiler melting. This smart design keeps the melting pot securely in place.

Ideal 13oz Capacity

The 13oz capacity melts up to 10-12oz of ingredients at a time. This size gently heats delicate chocolates, candies, butter, and wax without scorching. It’s also great for simmering glazes, sauces, and even preparing small batches of fondue.

Thoughtful Details for Easy Use

Built-in pour spouts on either side allow neat and easy pouring. The flat base promotes stability when resting on counters. With quick hand washing after use, this durable melting pot always looks pristine.

Multipurpose Melting and Simmering

This versatile boiler bowl handles a wide range of kitchen tasks:

  • Melt chocolate, candy melts, butter, cheese, wax for candles and soap making
  • Simmer small batches of salad dressings, glazes, hot fudge sauce
  • Steam milk for lattes and cocoa; melt honey or maple syrup
  • Use as a double boiler with a saucepan for delicate melting needs

With premium construction and clever design, EIKS’ 13oz stainless steel melting pot simplifies preparing gourmet goodies and culinary creations at home.


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