Elevate Your Space with Boho Chic Hanging Shelves


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Discover the beauty of our handcrafted Hanging Shelves for Wall – Boho Room Decor Aesthetic. These elegantly designed shelves are the perfect way to add a touch of bohemian charm to any room. Made from premium materials, our shelves are as durable as they are stylish.

Bring Nature Indoors

Display your favorite plants, photos, and trinkets on these beautiful floating shelves. With two shelves included, you’ll have plenty of space for all your cherished items. The natural wood finish and rope accents evoke a sense of earthy tranquility.

Customizable with 104 Letter Stickers

Make these floating shelves truly your own with the included 104 customizable alphabet sticker pack. Spell out your name, favorite quote, or whatever your heart desires. Get creative and use these stickers to put your personal stamp on your new wall décor.

Quick and Easy Installation

Hanging these shelves is a breeze. No special skills or tools needed! Simply use the included hardware to mount the dowel and screw hooks to your wall. Then hang up your boho-chic shelves and enjoy your stylish new decor.

Versatile Use Around Your Home

These beautiful shelves are perfect for any room. Use in your bedroom, bathroom, living room, dorm, office, yoga studio, salon, and more. Wherever you need a touch of bohemian style, these shelves deliver.

Floating Shelves for Bedroom Aesthetic

In your bedroom, these floating shelves are ideal for creating a dreamy, romantic vibe. Display pictures of loved ones, dried flowers, crystals, or other treasured trinkets. The neutral wood tone works well with any color scheme.

Hanging Shelves for Bathroom

Bring a sense of spa-like tranquility to your bathroom with these boho hanging shelves. Neatly store rolled washcloths, soaps, candles, and other bath accessories. The moisture-resistant finish makes these shelves perfect for humid bathroom environments.

Wall Décor for Living Room

In your living room, use these hanging shelves above your sofa or TV to decorate with plants, artwork, and more. The natural aesthetic brings a calming feel that helps you relax after a long day.

Dorm Room Decor

For dorm dwellers, these shelves are ideal for adding personality in a small space. Display photos of family and friends or spell out inspirational quotes to encourage you as you study.

Craft Room Organization

In your craft nook or office, keep all your essentials neatly organized on these lovely floating shelves. Group together papers, pens, scissors, glitter, and other crafty goods you reach for often.

Salon Décor

At your salon or spa, use these shelves to stage beauty products and candles. Their soothing style sets the mood for clients to unwind. Arrange by color for a visually pleasing display.

Yoga Studio Wall Decor

In your yoga or meditation space, these shelves impart peaceful vibes. Adorn with crystals, essential oils, flowers, or spiritual figurines to create an inspiring ambiance.

Rustic Farmhouse Appeal

With their reclaimed wood look, these shelves blend perfectly in farmhouse, cottage, and cabin settings. Display mason jars filled with dried lavender or rustic pottery for homey style.

Boho Chic Style

With natural materials and soft lines, these shelves epitomize bohemian chic decor. The neutral wood tone pairs beautifully with lush plants, woven baskets, and Gypsy-inspired embellishments.

Coastal Look

Bring the essence of the seaside home with these hanging shelves. Mix with other natural textures like rattan, abaca, raffia, and jute for breezy style. Show off sea glass, shells, and nautical accents.

Modern Farmhouse

These shelves blend modern and farmhouse aesthetics for the best of both worlds. Float above a sleek mid-century sofa or highlight the wood grain by pairing with stoneware, ceramics, and other earthy elements.

Glamorous Accent

Add a dash of glamour by styling with these lovely shelves. Use in a dressing area to hold jewelry and perfumes. Or display decorative boxes, vases, and candles over a bar cart for chic entertaining.

Tropical Vibes

In a sunroom or anywhere you want tropical flair, these shelves hit the mark. Adorn with leafy plants like philodendrons, monsteras and ferns. Weave in natural textures like rattan, bamboo, and wood for an exotic oasis.

Minimalist Look

The clean lines and neutral palette of these floating shelves work beautifully in minimalist spaces. Declutter counters and windowsills by storing daily essentials on your new wall shelves. Enjoy the calming aesthetics of less.

So whether you crave boho, coastal, modern, or minimalist style, these beautiful hanging shelves are sure to elevate your space. Their versatility allows you to customize to your personal taste. Bring a touch of breezy, natural charm home with this must-have decor piece.


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