EPABINA 41.5″ Architect LED Desk Lamp – Super Versatile and Adjustable Task Lighting for Home Office, Artists, Crafting


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Illuminate your workspace like never before with the EPABINA Architect LED Desk Lamp. This incredibly adjustable lamp provides unmatched versatility to customize your lighting in any home, office, or studio space.

With a 41.5 inch long swing arm and 270° rotation, you can direct light exactly where you need it. The innovative multi-jointed arm retains its position firmly without drooping over time. Just bend and shape the lamp arms to your perfect lighting setup.

Three connected panel bars join to create wide, even work area illumination. Access bright, uniform lighting for focused tasks or ambient mood lighting for relaxation. This desk lamp truly does it all!

Innovative Multi-Jointed Design

What makes this desk light so unique? The innovative multi-section swing arm design features 6 smooth, adjustable joints.

Customize the exact angle, height, and direction of light by bending the flexible joints. The strong metal retains its shape firmly without sagging over time.

Rotate the light bars and panels 270 degrees to point light where needed. Two 7-inch panel bars join together with two 4-inch connector bars that also rotate and tilt.

With so many adjustment options, you can fine-tune the lighting like an architect! Guide light across the entire work surface or focus it in tightly on one specific area.

Three Modes: Ambient, Task, and Accent

The three connected bars join to create perfect mood lighting for any activity.

Ambient Lighting: Use the full 41.5 inch span to illuminate your entire workspace with a soft glow. The wide light beam creates immersive ambient lighting perfect for relaxing.

Task Lighting: Focus the light in tighter for highly detailed work. Illuminate drawings, intricate crafts, needlework, models, and other tasks requiring bright, focused light.

Accent Lighting: Highlight specific objects or work areas with targeted directional lighting. The adjustable joints let you get creative and use the lightbars like spotlights.

With endless flexibility, you get the perfect lighting mode for reading, art, hobbies, projects, work, or simply creating a beautiful ambiance.

Flicker-Free Eye Care Technology

Staring into flickering lights for extended periods can lead to eye strain and headaches. The EPABINA Desk Lamp uses advanced technology to produce a steady, flicker-free light.

This provides better visual comfort and reduces eye fatigue. The uniform, glare-free illumination creates an ideal environment for detailed tasks requiring prolonged focus.

Whether you’re reading, painting, sewing, model building or any other visually intensive activity, your eyes will thank you!

Auto-Adjusting with Intelligent Light Sensor

This smart desk lamp takes the guesswork out of adjusting brightness. The built-in light sensor detects ambient room brightness and automatically adjusts the light to maintain a comfortable contrast.

As daylight changes throughout the day or you turn room lights on/off, the lamp seamlessly transitions to provide optimal illumination. You’ll always have perfectly balanced lighting without constantly fiddling with settings!

If you do want to manually adjust settings, the touch control panel gives you complete control.

5 Color Temperatures + Stepless Dimming

The color tone of light affects the ambiance as well as visual clarity for different tasks. This innovative LED desk lamp features adjustable color temperatures from warm white (3000K) to cool daylight (6500K).

You can also steplessly dim the brightness from 20% to 100% output. Whether you want a softly lit relaxed setting or intensely bright task lighting, just long press the control panel to find your perfect setting.

Create lighting tailored to any activity, time of day, or mood. This lamp provides limitless options!

Clamp Secures to Any Desktop

The sturdy clamp base provides a secure mount on any desk or table up to 2.5 inches thick. The metal clamp lined with soft silicone pads keeps the lamp firmly in place without marring your furniture.

Easily position the architect lamp anywhere along the desk edge to optimize the lighting angle. The tall swing arm adjusts up and out over your workspace.

The weighted circular base provides stability on the desktop so the lamp never tips over. The cord wraps around the base for easy organization.

Low Heat & Energy Efficient

LED technology produces very little heat, so this desk light remains cool to the touch even after hours of use. The efficient LEDs use up to 85% less energy than traditional bulbs.

Long 50,000 hour bulb life means you may never need to replace the LEDs. This lamp is built to provide many years of reliable service.

Order the EPABINA Architect Desk Lamp today to illuminate your workspace like never before!


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