Gorgeous Chenille Bath Mats for a Plush Touch Everywhere You Step


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Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with these beautiful NICETOWN Navy Blue Bathroom Rugs. Featuring an ultra thick and soft chenille construction, these bath mats offer a rich, plush texture that feels amazing on bare feet. The luxurious chenille fabric absorbs water quickly, helping to keep your floors dry and safe. With a non-slip backing, these mats stay securely in place without budging.

Chenille Fabric Offers Unbeatable Softness and Comfort

Chenille fabric is known for its incredible softness, and these bath mats deliver. The chenille bath mats feature thousands of plush microfiber piles, giving an indulgently soft feel. Step out of the shower onto these chenille mats, and you’ll be engulfed in cozy comfort. The dense piles absorb water rapidly as soon as you step onto the mats.

Chenille also has natural sound dampening properties. The plush piles muffle noises like echoing bathroom tiles. Creating a quieter, more relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom.

Thick Pile Construction Absorbs Water Quickly

Wet bathroom floors are a slip hazard, but these chenille bath mats help keep your floors dry. The thick 0.4 inch pile height provides impressive absorbency. The gaps between the thousands of microfiber piles act like small suction cups, pulling moisture down into the mats.

Water gets trapped in the piles instead of pooling on your floor. Step out of the shower and let these plush mats soak up dripping water.

Non-Slip Backing Keeps Mats Securely in Place

Safety is crucial for bath mats, and these chenille mats deliver reliable grip. The back of each mat is coated with a hot melt adhesive, creating a non-slip surface that grips to the floor. The non-slip backing holds the mats firmly in place without bunching up or sliding around.

The two included mats give you flexibility for placement. Use the smaller 17” x 24” mat inside the shower or in front of the sink. The larger 20” x 32” mat is ideal for in front of the tub. With non-slip mats stationed inside and outside your shower, the bathroom floor stays dry and safe.

Vibrant Navy Blue Adds a Bold Touch

Available in a rich navy blue color, these NICETOWN chenille bath mats make a vibrant style statement. The eye-catching navy blue hue contrasts beautifully against white bathroom tiles or fixtures for a nautical vibe. Navy also complements other coastal color schemes.

For a contemporary ensemble, pair the navy bath mats with chrome hardware and white cabinets. Or go for beachy chic with light wood tones and ocean blues. However you decorate your bathroom, these navy chenille mats add a bold pop of color.

Two Sizes For Placement Flexibility

This set comes with two mats in different sizes, giving you options for placement.

The smaller 17” x 24” mat is an ideal size for in front of the sink. Protect your floors from dripping water after washing hands and brushing teeth. The compact size also works well inside the shower stall or tub surround.

For outside the tub, the larger 20” x 32” size has you covered. The oversized mat absorbs streaming water as you step out of the tub and has plenty of room for movement.

With two sizes included, you can cover your bathroom floor with plush chenille softness.

Easy Maintenance

Chenille fabric is designed to be easy to care for. To clean, simply soak the mats in water for 10 minutes. Then machine wash separately in cold water using mild detergent. For tougher stains, use only non-chlorine bleach when needed.

Never machine dry chenille mats. This can damage the piles. Instead, tumble dry on a low setting. The heat will fluff up the piles and restore the lush texture of new.

With easy care instructions, you can keep these navy chenille bath mats looking fresh for years. Just shake out the mats periodically to revitalize the pile thickness.

Luxurious Chenille Mats for Every Room

While designed for bathrooms, these plush chenille mats work beautifully in any room. The navy color complements coastal, traditional, and modern decor alike.

Place the mats by the front door to soak up rain and melting snow brought in on shoes. The super soft chenille also feels divine in bedrooms and living spaces. Use as plush area rugs to add comfort while watching TV or lounging.

With two included mats, you can stylishly coordinate different rooms. The simple navy color matches well with a variety of color schemes and furniture.

Treat yourself to the soft luxury of chenille with this set of NICETOWN Navy Blue Bathroom Rugs. Your floors will stay dry while your feet stay comfy!


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