Guheake 26″ Artificial Tropical Monstera Palm Tree in White Planter – Realistic Faux Plant for Home and Office Decor




Bring a touch of the tropics into your home with this stunningly realistic artificial monstera palm tree from Guheake. Standing 26 inches tall in a chic white planter, this faux tropical plant looks just like the real thing with its large, vibrant leaves and textured palm trunk. Ideal for home and office decor, this artificial monstera tree requires no maintenance or sunlight yet looks fresh year-round.

Realistic Details and Lifelike Colors

This artificial monstera features carefully crafted leaves in multiple shades of green with realistic veining, just like a live monstera plant. The palm trunk has slight variations in color and texture, with a wood-like appearance. Details like the roots at the base and the plant hangtag complete the natural, authentic look.

Bendable Branches and Posable Leaves

The inner branches contain posable metal wires so you can adjust them to your desired shape. Bend the branches up, down, or to one side. You can also customize the placement of individual leaves by simply sliding them into different spots on the branches. Get creative and style your faux monstera tree any way you like!

Perfect Size for Home and Office

Standing 26 inches tall from the bottom of the planter, this artificial monstera is sized to make a statement without overwhelming your space. Place it in the corner of the living room, on your work desk, or anywhere you want to add a dramatic tropical element. The 4.5 inch diameter white ceramic planter adds a clean, modern look.

Realistic Planter Accents Included

To give your artificial monstera an extra realistic touch, natural white river rocks are included to fill the bottom of the planter just like real soil. This helps stabilize the plant and complements the white color scheme. The decorative hangtag identifies the plant species, completing the authentic plant aesthetic.

Low Maintenance and Pet-Friendly

This artificial palm tree requires no maintenance like watering or sunlight. Perfect for homes with pets and busy schedules, you can enjoy its beauty without worrying about care. No more faded leaves, pests, mold, or mess like real plants! It’s also safe around curious pets since it contains no toxic chemicals.

Decorate with Jungle Vibes

Use this faux monstera palm to create a trendy jungle or tropical oasis theme in any room. Place it in the living room among other leafy plants and rattan or bamboo accents. Let it take center stage on your kitchen island or dining table as a dramaticfocal point. Group it with other faux tropical plants in the bathroom for a spa-like atmosphere.

Ideal for Any Decor Style

With its natural style and neutral planter, this artificial palm tree complements any home, office, or event decor. Modern, contemporary, boho, traditional, industrial, coastal, and more – it works with any aesthetic or color palette! Looks beautiful on its own or grouped with real plants and flowers.

Gift for Housewarming, Birthdays, and Holidays

Surprise a loved one with this stunning artificial monstera as a long-lasting, low maintenance housewarming, holiday, birthday, or anniversary gift. Perfect for plant lovers who don’t have a green thumb or those with busy schedules. It’s sure to brighten any room year after year for a thoughtful, beautiful gift.

With dimensions of 25.6”H x 22”W, this faux monstera tree from Guheake makes a big impact without dominating space. Customize its shape and place it anywhere indoors you want to add instant jungle vibes.


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