GXOACKJ 30-48″ Wrap Around Blackout Curtain Rod – Adjustable Telescoping Corner Window Curtain Rod


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Transform any room with the versatile GXOACKJ Wrap Around Blackout Curtain Rod, designed to fit corner windows measuring 30” to 48” wide. This adjustable telescoping curtain rod expands seamlessly to custom-fit your unique space, quickly installing for an elegant, polished look.

Measuring a diameter of 5/8”, the solid steel construction ensures this blackout curtain rod provides sturdy support for heavyweight curtains, blinds, and drapes, while the matte black finish adds a modern, sophisticated touch. Sleek and understated, the metal wrap around curtain rod complements both traditional and contemporary home decors.

Installing this adjustable extendable curtain rod takes only minutes and requires no drilling or hardware. The rubber padded ends protect your walls from scratches during setup. Simply press the ends into place, extending the rod to your desired width. The rubber pads grip the walls securely, while still allowing the brackets to slide left or right for quick length adjustments.

Once installed, the rich black finish recedes into the background, letting your window treatments take center stage. The heavyweight metal design provides smooth operation that elegantly draws back curtains and drapes. Reviewers rave about the quality and ease of installation.

Because it fits a range of sizes, this versatile blackout curtain rod is ideal for corner windows in living rooms, home offices, bedrooms, and nurseries. The light-blocking design creates an optimal environment for sleep and concentration by eliminating distracting light.

Get the most out of this wraparound curtain rod by pairing it with room darkening curtains or drapes. The rods help fully seal out sunlight along the entire corner window for uninterrupted rest and productivity.

During the day, slide back your blackout curtains to let natural light flood the room. At night, extend them to block ambient lighting for better sleep. Control light and privacy with the simple pull of a curtain.

Dress up your space with this chic, modern curtain rod:

Bedrooms – Provide the dark environment needed for quality sleep. Block early morning sunlight so you can sleep in.

Home Offices – Eliminate glare on computer monitors for easier work. Avoid distractions with light-blocking window treatments.

Living Spaces – Show off your style by displaying curtains that complement your furnishings. Protect furniture from sun damage.

Nurseries – Filter harsh midday light to create a soothing atmosphere for naps and bedtime. Maintain darkness for healthy baby sleep cycles.

Get the custom fit you need and the elegant style you want with the versatile GXOACKJ Wrap Around Blackout Curtain Rod. Available in three finishes – matte black, nickel, and brown, these adjustable metal rods enhance any room.


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