Illuminate Any Space with hyrion’s Ultra Long RGB LED Strip Lights (60ft)




Experience complete customization over your lighting with hyrion’s ultra long 60ft RGB LED strip lights. With an extensive 60ft length, these LED strips provide enough vibrant lighting to decorate multiple rooms or areas.

Endless Color Options for Any Occasion

Choose from 16 captivating preset colors or create your own perfect hue using the adjustable Red, Green, and Blue LEDs. With 8 dynamic lighting effects, you can set the mood for any occasion whether it’s a party, romantic dinner, or just everyday ambience. The easy-to-use 44 key remote allows you to change colors, adjust brightness, and control dynamic modes instantly.

Ultra Bright 5050 SMD LEDs

Packed with high density 5050 SMD LEDs, these LED strip lights produce an astonishingly bright and uniform lighting effect. The flexible and thin 0.2 inch strips are outfitted with 30 LEDs per meter for brilliant illumination. With an impressive 50,000 hour lifespan, these LEDs are built to last.

Safe, Low Voltage Operation

Run safely on 12V DC with the included power adapter, no need to hire an electrician. The non-waterproof lights are designed for indoor use only. Ensure the strip is firmly affixed to a smooth, dry surface before attaching the power adapter.

Cuttable for the Perfect Fit

The LED strip includes cutting marks every 3 LEDs, allowing you to cut the strip to your desired length. With 60ft total length across 2x 30ft rolls, you’ll have plenty of vibrant lighting to brighten up any space.

Simple Plug and Play Installation

Installation takes just minutes with the included adhesive tape backing. Simply connect the power adapter to the strip, plug it in, and adhere the LED strip to any smooth interior surface. Test the lights prior to permanently installing for best results.

Decorate and Illuminate Any Room

With their bright, customizable lighting and ultra long length, these LED strip lights are perfect for:

  • Bedrooms – Create a dreamy atmosphere with soft mood lighting
  • Kitchens – Bright task lighting under cabinets and shelves
  • Home Theaters – Set the scene with dynamic bias lighting
  • Parties – Liven up any celebration with vibrant colors
  • Bars – Neon cocktail hour lighting
  • And many more uses!

We Stand Behind Our Products

hyrion provides a 12 month warranty and lifetime support for all customers. Contact us with any questions or issues – we are always happy to help!

Take Your Lighting to the Next Level

Transform any space with customized, animated lighting effects using hyrion’s RGB LED strip lights. With 60ft of vivid LEDs, convenient remote control, and easy installation, you’ll love brightening up your home, office, or venue.

Order now and unleash your creativity with multi-color lighting!


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