Illuminate Every Corner and Crevice with Zlierop Plug-In Corner Lights


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Do you have a dark, neglected corner in your home that could use some illumination? Are you looking for an easy lighting solution that doesn’t require wiring or eat up valuable floor space? Look no further than the Zlierop Corner Lights for Living Room. These clever corner lamps are designed to shine light into those hard-to-reach spots that standard lighting just can’t access.

With a minimalist triangle design, these corner ceiling lights fit flush into any 90-degree corner. Just plug them in and your once-dark corner will now radiate a warm, inviting glow. The clean white shade diffuses the light beautifully without being an eyesore. When turned off, the shade seamlessly blends into the wall – completely invisible until you switch it on again.

Multi-Use Corner Lighting for Home, Office, Dorm Room

The possibilities are endless with the Zlierop Corner Lights. Use them to illuminate a cozy reading nook, highlight your favorite houseplants, or add a pop of light over your work-from-home desk. Parents can use them as a night light in their child’s bedroom. The low-profile design ensures they won’t get knocked over or interfere with playtime.

In a dorm room or apartment, these corner lamps are perfect for setting the mood. The warm lighting sets a relaxed vibe for enjoying music or conversation with friends. For office workers or students pulling late nights, the Zlierop Corner Lights provide unobtrusive but ample lighting for reading, writing, or computer work.

Easy Plug-In Installation – No Wiring Required

These overhead corner lamps couldn’t be simpler to install. No electrician or wiring required! Just plug it into any standard outlet, secure the cord clips, and switch it on. The 6.5 foot braided power cord easily reaches outlets without the need for extension cords.

Installation takes less than 10 minutes thanks to the easy-to-follow instructions and included accessories. Each light comes with 8 small command clips to neatly run the cord up into the corner. The clips blend into most walls and provide a streamlined, inconspicuous way to install overhead corner lighting.

Adjustable Light Panel – Illuminate Where You Need It

With an adjustable light panel, the Zlierop Corner Lights can be positioned to deliver light right where you need it most. Tilt and swivel the panel to your desired angle up to 90 degrees. Lower it to provide direct illumination over a desk or bed. Raise it up high to light up the whole corner indirectly. You’re in control.

Compatible With Smart Bulbs and Voice Control

Being completely hardwired-free, the Zlierop Corner Lights can be controlled beyond just the inline switch. Pair them with smart bulbs like Alexa, Google Home, or Philips Hue to voice control or automate your corner lighting. Program them to turn on at sunset or sync the colors to your mood.

The standard socket fits any bulb with an E26/E27 medium base, including LED, incandescent, halogen, or CFL. Use a bulb with a wattage up to 40W max for bright, concentrated light. The socket also rotates 90 degrees so you can position the bulb however you need.

Stylish & Subtle Design

You’ll love the clean, minimalist look of the Zlierop Corner Lights. The triangular shade is made of durable acrylic that smoothly diffuses light into your space. When off, the lights are barely noticeable, blending discreetly into corners and edges. Choose a white or black shade to match your home decor.

Unlike bulky floor lamps or sconces, these overhead corner lights don’t clutter up your space. The three pivot points ensure the light can sit perfectly flush in any 90-degree corner. Enjoy the convenience of corner illumination without sacrificing style.

Quality Construction and Safety Features

The Zlierop Corner Lights are thoughtfully designed for safe, long-lasting use. Built from durable steel and flame-retardant acrylic, they can withstand everyday use. The included cord clips keep the wiring neatly in place and out of the way.

For fire safety, it’s recommended to keep the lights at least 2 inches from the ceiling. This allows for adequate airflow and dissipation of heat. As with any lighting, do not put the bulbs in direct contact with the shade. Use bulbs of the recommended wattage or lower.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Zlierop wants you to be fully satisfied with your corner lighting purchase. That’s why they offer a no-hassle 2-year warranty and friendly customer service. For any issues with your lights, Zlierop’s support team is ready to help resolve the problem promptly.

Why choose between function and design? The Zlierop Corner Lights for Living Room combine convenient, plug-in lighting with a subtle triangle silhouette. Order today to illuminate those pesky dark corners and set the perfect mood lighting in any room.


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