Illuminate Your Home Beautifully with OYEARS 3-Way Dimmable Bedside Table Lamps, Set of 2


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Light up your living room, bedroom, or any space with this gorgeous set of 2 farmhouse-inspired table lamps by OYEARS. Featuring linen fabric shades in a natural wash white hue, these lamps emanate a soft, warm glow that makes any room more inviting. The vintage-style bronze base pairs beautifully with the linen shade for a casually elegant look perfect for a variety of home decors.

With convenient features like touch control dimming, built-in USB ports, and included LED light bulbs, these table lamps combine timeless style with modern functionality. Read on to learn more about these wonderful lamps and why they’re perfect for your home.

Soft, Diffused Lighting from Linen Lampshades

The linen fabric used for the lampshade offers a lightweight, breathable material that naturally diffuses the bulb’s light. This creates a warmer, softer ambient lighting effect that is comfortable for reading and relaxing. The wash white color emanates a clean, fresh glow.

Linen is also a very durable material that holds up well to continuous use. These lampshades can be easily cleaned with a gentle vacuuming when needed. Overall, the linen material provides beautiful illumination and classic style.

3-Way Touch Control Dimming for Maximum Convenience

These table lamps feature convenient 3-way dimming control right at your fingertips. The touch sensor switch allows you to toggle between low, medium, and high brightness settings, putting you in control of the perfect lighting mood.

The low nightlight setting is perfect when you need to navigate in the dark. Medium brightness accommodates most daily tasks like reading or working. Maximum brightness illuminates the entire room.

No more fumbling for tiny switches! Just tap the base gently to activate the touch control sensor and adjust the warm LED lighting to your needs.

Modern Technology with Built-In USB Charging Ports

Despite the vintage styling on the outside, these table lamps contain helpful tech features like dual USB charging ports built right into the base. The USB ports allow you to conveniently charge phones, tablets, e-readers, and other devices without having to hunt for spare outlets.

Just plug your device’s USB cord into the base port and charge while enjoying the gentle ambient lighting. With two USB ports, you can charge multiple devices at once. It’s the best of both worlds – vintage style fused with modern tech convenience!

Classic Bronze Base for Timeless Style

The sturdy bronze finish base has an antique distressed look with visible brushed metal accents that pair beautifully with traditional, farmhouse, or vintage room decor. The metal base provides stability and has a weighted feel.

The wide lamp base footprint prevents tipping while still taking up minimal surface space – perfect for narrow bedside tables. The straight vertical profile adds height and draws the eye upwards.

Combined with the linen lampshade, this lamp has an elegantly understated style fit for farmhouse inspired bedrooms, living rooms, offices, dorms, and more. It makes a wonderful lighting accent beside beds or armchairs.

Included LED Bulbs Save You Money

Each lamp comes with an A19 LED light bulb included, so you don’t have to worry about searching for the right type and size replacement bulbs down the road.

The long-lasting LED bulbs provide brighter, whiter light compared to incandescent bulbs, while using much less energy over time. This saves you money on your electricity bill.

Fewer bulb replacements are needed over the years with LED bulb technology. The bulbs are integrated and compatible right out of the box for the utmost convenience.

Quality Materials Built to Last

Constructed from steel, linen, and glass, these table lamps are made to provide lasting performance and durability to match their timeless style.

The sturdy steel base remains stable and balanced, while the linen lampshade material avoids fraying, tearing, or color fading over time. Only quality materials are used that stand the test of daily wear and tear.

Perfect Lamp Dimensions

With a 22 inch height from base to top of shade, these table lamps are sized right for small side tables or larger surfaces. The rectangular linen shade measures 6 inches long x 6 inches wide with a clean tailored look.

The lamp base has a diameter of 7 inches with a classic faceted design. Overall the proportions are trim, taking up minimal visual space so the light itself takes center stage.

Ideal Lighting for Any Room

With their vintage styling and soft ambient lighting, these table lamps are versatile enough to accent a wide variety of room decor themes:

  • Bedrooms – Place matching lamps on both nightstands to frame your bed.
  • Living room – Flank a sofa or armchair to provide reading illumination.
  • Dining room – Add mood lighting above a buffet or in a corner.
  • Office – Position on a desk or side table for paperwork tasks.
  • Dorms – Create a cozy study space.
  • Apartments – Perfect for small spaces needing portable lighting.

Wherever you need soft, ambient, focused light, these table lamps deliver beautiful vintage style illumination.

Rave Reviews

These best-selling OYEARS table lamps have earned over 1,000 positive reviews from satisfied customers. Here’s what fellow shoppers have to say:

“These lamps give off such a beautiful, warm light and work perfectly on the small nightstands next to my bed. The included light bulbs were such a nice bonus!” – Sarah D.

“I ordered two of these table lamps for my living room and they are absolutely perfect! The 3-way dimming let’s me adjust the lighting based on what I’m doing.” – James R.

“The lamp height is just right for my desk in my home office. I love the built-in USB charging ports in the base too.” – Amanda C.

We Stand Behind Our Products

OYEARS offers a 2-year warranty on any product defects. However, we are confident you will absolutely love these charming table lamps for many years to come. Their timeless style and soft lighting ambiance will make a beautiful addition to your home.

Bring Home the Perfect Bedside Lamps Today

With vintage elegance, soft linen shades, helpful features like touch dimming and USB charging, these OYEARS table lamps are a fantastic buy. Their warm light and antique bronze bases instantly create cozy illumination for any living space. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to make these stunning yet functional lamps a part of your home!


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