Illuminate Your Home in Style with the addlon Floor Lamp


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Bring a touch of elegance and comfort to your living space with the addlon Floor Lamp. This stylishly simple lamp provides soft, diffuse lighting perfect for winding down in the evenings or getting some work done during the day. With its linen fabric lampshade, sturdy weighted base, and modern design, this floor lamp makes an attractive addition to any room.

Three Color Temperatures for Perfect Ambiance

Finding the right lighting can be tricky when you want to set the perfect mood. This floor lamp comes equipped with a specialized 9W LED bulb that provides three color temperature settings:

  • 3000K Warm White – Perfect for relaxation, this setting gives off a soft, yellowish glow that’s comforting and tranquil.
  • 4500K Natural White – With a bright, neutral white light, this is ideal for everyday activities like reading or getting work done.
  • 6500K Daylight – Stimulating cool blueish light that mimics natural daylight to keep you alert and focused.

With the click of a button on the lamp head, you can easily cycle through these three settings to create the perfect ambiance for any activity, whether it’s a relaxing evening at home or getting paperwork finished during the day. The long-lasting LED bulb produces bright, even light on any setting you choose.

Soft, Diffuse Lighting for Eye Comfort

The linen fabric lampshade diffuses the LED bulb’s light beautifully for a soft glow that prevents eye strain. The lightweight fabric also allows for excellent light distribution, filling the room with radiance instead of casting harsh shadows. Your eyes will thank you for the comfortable, glare-free illumination.

Stable Weighted Base for Sturdy Support

Built onto a weighted circular base, this 63 inch tall floor lamp maintains excellent stability. The heavy base helps keep the lamp firmly planted, preventing tipping or wobbling. With its sturdy support and anti-slip footing, this floor lamp can safely illuminate any room without fear of it toppling over.

Modern, Minimalist Design

With its tall, slender profile and linen shade, this floor lamp brings an airy elegance to your living space. The clean, minimalist look blends seamlessly into both traditional and contemporary home décor styles. Available in classic black or white finish, the metal body and base complement any color palette or aesthetic. Place beside the couch to light up the living room or next to your bed as a nightstand lamp. Wherever it goes, this floor lamp lends a touch of modern refinement.

Easy Assembly Right Out of the Box

Setting up this floor lamp only takes about 15 minutes with the included manual and installation video. All necessary hardware and components are provided for quick DIY assembly. With just a few twists and turns, you can put this lamp together using just basic household tools. All that’s left is screwing in the lightbulb, and your new floor lamp is ready to illuminate any space.

Two-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Your satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why addlon offers a two year manufacturer’s warranty on this floor lamp. We stand behind the quality of our products, so should you encounter any issues, contact us immediately and we’ll help resolve the problem. Our friendly customer service team is ready to answer any questions and handle requests quickly.

An Ideal Gift for Homeowners

With its attractive modern design, adjustable lighting features, and versatile use, this floor lamp makes a fantastic gift idea. New homeowners will appreciate how seamlessly it fits into any style of décor. Its warm, soft lighting also helps create a cozy atmosphere perfect for relaxing at home. Give the gift of comfort and style with the addlon Floor Lamp.

Bring stylish illumination to your living room, bedroom, office, or any other space in your home with the addlon Floor Lamp. With its handy features and minimalist design, this quality floor lamp provides the perfect lighting ambiance for any activity or mood.


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