Illuminate Your Home in Style with the JOOFO LED Floor Lamp


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Bask your home in beautiful, glare-free lighting with the JOOFO LED Floor Lamp. This modern torchiere style lamp features a tall, slender pole design with an adjustable lampshade that directs light where you need it most. The high-powered LED bulbs deliver an incredible 30W/2400LM of brilliance to brighten up any room.

With its multiple lighting modes and control options, this floor lamp puts you in command of your home’s ambiance. Choose from three color temperature settings – warm white, natural white and cool white – to set just the right mood. The included remote allows you to turn the lamp on/off, adjust brightness levels, and change color temperatures from the comfort of your couch or bed. There’s also a convenient touch sensor built into the pole that lets you dim the light with a simple touch.

Built to last with a weighted base and quality construction, this floor lamp combines performance with durability. The 69 inch height ensures the light reaches even large living spaces and high ceilings. The fully adjustable shade tilts and rotates 350 degrees to direct illumination precisely where you want it most. Point it into a corner to fill the whole room with a beautiful diffused glow.


Multiple Control Options – The included remote control and touch sensor give you easy, convenient ways to operate the lamp from anywhere in the room.

3 Color Temperatures – Set the mood with warm white, natural white, or cool white light. The lamp remembers your settings when powered off.

Stepless Dimming – Brightness adjusts smoothly from 5% to 100% with the touch control. Find the perfect light levels for any activity.

High Brightness & Efficiency – Bright as a 200W incandescent with only 30W of electricity. Advanced LEDs provide up to 100,000 hours of maintenance-free use.

Adjustable Light Direction – Tiltable shade rotates 350° and aims light precisely where needed to avoid glare. Great for reading nooks.

Safe Weighted Base – Heavy base and quality materials keep the lamp stable and prevent tipping. Safe for homes with kids and pets.

Space-Saving Design– Slim profile takes up minimal floor space. Fits in corners and other tight spots.

Illuminate Every Room Beautifully

With its bright, energy efficient lighting and adjustable directional beam, this floor lamp is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, dorms, home offices, and other indoor spaces. It’s an excellent reading lamp when positioned next to a chair or couch. The soft diffused glow creates the perfect ambiance for relaxation.

In the bedroom, use the warm white setting and dimmed light to promote restful sleep. Brighten up your workspace with cool white illumination for tasks and projects. The natural white mode provides general lighting that’s perfect for everyday use.

Quality Materials & Stable Design

The lamp is crafted with durable acrylic that looks great and resists heat buildup. The heavy base weighs over 22 lbs for superior stability, preventing tip-overs. At 69 inches tall, the light reaches even high ceilings to illuminate large rooms. With a modern profile and matte black or white finish, this floor lamp complements any décor style from retro to contemporary.

Take Control of Your Lighting

With many floor lamps, you’re stuck with a single brightness level that’s either too dim or uncomfortably bright. With JOOFO’s innovative LED floor lamp, you have full control over the lighting in your space:

  • Turn the lamp on/off remotely from your seat.
  • Cycle through warm, natural and cool white modes to create different ambiances.
  • Dim the light down for a candlelit dinner or raise it up for reading clarity.
  • Adjust the shade angle to direct light where it’s needed most.

Customize your lighting for any activity or mood. Curl up with a book using warm low light, then switch to invigorating cool white illumination for your morning coffee. With the JOOFO LED floor lamp, you have unlimited lighting options at your fingertips.

Energy Efficient & Long Lasting

This floor lamp’s LED bulbs use up to 80% less energy than traditional incandescent and halogen lighting. The advanced LED technology lasts for up to 100,000 hours of use before needing to be replaced. That’s over a decade of daily use without costly bulb changes.

Reduce your energy consumption while still enjoying bright, beautiful lighting. The JOOFO LED floor lamp delivers huge illumination using very little electricity. It’s better for your home and for the planet!

Your Perfect Home Lighting Solution

With its stylish design, adjustable beam angle, multiple lighting modes, easy touch/remote control, and energy efficiency, the JOOFO LED Floor Lamp is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, home offices, dorm rooms, and anywhere you want flexible, glare-free illumination.

Experience the convenience of custom lighting at your fingertips. Set the perfect ambiance for any activity or time of day. Let this LED floor lamp become your new favorite home lighting fixture!


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