Illuminate Your Nights with Dimmable Ambience – Set of 2 Elegant Touch-Control Table Lamps


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Embrace effortless ambience and illuminate your intimate spaces with this set of 2 modern touch-control table lamps. Crafted with a smooth metallic frame and linen fabric shade, these chic lamps add a delicate glow to bedrooms, living rooms, and offices.

Featuring intuitive touch controls, you can seamlessly dim from bright light to a soft glow with a simple tap. The 3-way touch sensor allows you to customize the perfect lighting mood for reading, relaxation, or sleep.

Intuitive Touch Controls for Customized Brightness

With user-friendly touch controls, these table lamps allow you to easily adjust the brightness without fumbling for a switch.

– Tap once for full brightness at 60W power
– Tap twice for medium brightness perfect for relaxation
– Tap a third time for a soft glow ideal for sleeping

The sensitive touch sensor responds instantly, making it effortless to control the light levels. Set the mood with a bright illuminating light to concentrate on tasks, or create a calming dimmed ambience for your bedroom – with just an effortless tap.

Flicker-Free Lighting that’s Gentle on Your Eyes

Lit with integrated LED bulbs, the soft lighting from these table lamps is free of disruptive flickers that strain your eyes.

The built-in LEDs generate 800 lumens of bright yet gentle light. At 5000K color temperature, the light is a natural crisp white that reduces eye fatigue.

With a long 25,000 hour lifespan, the energy-efficient 6W LED bulbs save you the hassle of frequent replacements. Just switch them on and enjoy stable, eye-friendly illumination for years to come.

Multifunctional USB + AC Charging Ports

Never run out of power again with the convenient charging options built into these table lamps.

Each lamp features:

– 1x USB-A port for quickly charging phones, tablets, and more
– 1x USB-C port for powering USB-C laptops and devices
– 1x AC outlet for plugging in appliances

With 2.1A output, the USB ports enable fast charging so your devices power up rapidly. The AC outlet gives you flexibility to run other gadgets and appliances.

Whether you need to charge a phone, light up a laptop screen or power up a speaker, these versatile table lamps have you covered. They eliminate the need for extra power strips and extension cords.

Sturdy Weighted Base for Enhanced Stability

The solid weighted base on these table lamps provides enhanced stability. With an anti-slip rubber pad, the base firmly grips surfaces to prevent sliding or tipping over.

This makes the lamps safer and sturdier to use around kids and pets, as they’re less prone to falling. The stable base also enables flexible placement on nightstands, work desks, side tables, and dressers without wobbling.

Soothing Linen Shade for Soft Ambience

The elegantly crafted linen fabric shade diffuses the LED light to create a warm, calming ambience. With neutral tones and a clean tailored design, the shade blends seamlessly into any room’s decor.

The linen material has natural sound dampening properties for quieter operation. It also allows ample airflow to prevent heat buildup.

Experience the cozy tranquility of soft lamplight without harsh glares. The shade’s rounded drum design casts light in a broad pattern, ideal for desks and nightstands.

Modern Minimalist Design

With a sleek metallic pedestal and white drum shade, these table lamps feature a contemporary minimalist look. The streamlined silhouette and neutral colors integrate effortlessly into modern and transitional living spaces.

Subtly stylish, the lamps add understated elegance to complement your room without being obtrusive. Their clean, compact footprint takes up minimal surface space for clutter-free functionality.

Elevate your space with chic ambience and intelligent touch controls. The modern LED lamps create the perfect lighting for any activity or mood.

We Stand Behind Our Products

We proudly stand behind our products with a 36-month warranty. In the rare case any defects arise within 3 years, we provide troubleshooting support or send replacement lamps – no hassle or return shipping costs.

Light up your nights in style and enjoy reliable illumination for years to come. Make these elegant touch control table lamps a seamless addition to bedrooms, living rooms, dorms, offices, and more.


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