Illuminate Your Nights with These Modern and Convenient Bedside Lamps


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Turn your bedroom into a relaxing oasis with these stylish and functional mini bedside lamps from Acaxin. With a compact design, built-in charging ports, and adjustable brightness, these lamps provide the perfect bedside lighting solution.

Convenient 3-in-1 Charging

These bedside lamps eliminate the need for a jumble of cables next to your bed. Each lamp contains a USB port, USB-C port, and AC outlet so you can conveniently charge up to 6 devices at once. Keep your phone, tablet, smartwatch, and other devices powered up while you sleep. The charging stations work independently of the light, so you can charge devices even when the lamp is switched off. Say goodbye to fumbling for cables in the dark!

Space-Saving Size

Measuring just 5.5 inches wide, these mini table lamps are ideal for cramped bedside tables or shelves. Their small footprint lets you utilize every inch of space while their 2-foot power cable gives flexibility for placement. The compact lamp bases are paired with lean 11-inch tall lampshades so they add a touch of light without overwhelm small rooms.

Adjustable Brightness Settings

Customize these bedside reading lamps to your needs with 3 brightness settings. Simply touch the base or pole to cycle through the options. Use the low glow for restful sleep, medium for leisurely reading, and high when you need ample lighting for tasks. The warm 2700K LED bulbs provide eye-friendly illumination that won’t disrupt your circadian rhythms.

Modern Minimalist Design

With cylindrical white fabric shades atop rounded black bases, these nightstand lamps have an understated elegance. Their classic tapered silhouette and neutral two-tone color scheme effortlessly match contemporary and traditional decor. Display one on each side of the bed to create a cohesive look. Their timeless style blends into any bedroom.

Hassle-Free Setup

Take these bedside reading lights from box to brightness in minutes. Each lamp comes fully assembled so there’s no struggle with putting pieces together. We even include two 6-watt 2700K LED light bulbs to have you glowing in no time. The bulbs produce a warm white glow perfect for bedrooms. Energy-efficient and long-lasting, you may never need to change them.

Safety and Durability You Can Trust

Constructed from fire-resistant materials, these bed lamps meet strict UL safety standards for worry-free all-night use. Their stable flat bases and sturdy aluminum poles ensure they stand up to years of regular use. The fabric shades diffuse light evenly and their fixed position aims illumination right where you need it.

Rest Easy with Our Warranty

Your satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we back these bedroom lamps with a 1-year warranty. If anything goes wrong or you have questions, our helpful customer service team is ready to assist you. We’ll make sure you have the best experience with your new Acaxin bedside lamps.

Bring Effortless Illumination to Your Bedroom

Sleep better, read comfortably, and charge devices handily with these LED touch lamps. Their thoughtful design delivers everything you need within arm’s reach. Pick up this set of two for the bedroom, guest room, dorm, or office. Discover why tens of thousands of customers love Acaxin’s mini bedside lamps!


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