Illuminate Your Space in Industrial Style with the QiMH 3-Cage Floor Lamp




Make a bold statement and bathe your room in warm ambiance with the QiMH Industrial Floor Lamp. This modern lighting solution features a brushed brass finish and three minimalist metal lampshades for an industrial look that works in any style of decor. The stable base and convenient foot switch allow you to easily control the lighting in your living room, bedroom, or office.

Sleek Metal Design Evokes Industrial Loft Vibes

This 68-inch tall floor lamp is crafted from sturdy iron and exudes utilitarian sophistication. The matte brass finish and exposed Edison bulbs are reminiscent of vintage factory lighting and add a pop of steampunk inspiration. Three round mesh lampshades in varying sizes provide a play on proportion and soften the industrial edges.

Place this lighting fixture next to your couch or favorite reading nook and let it infuse your space with urban edge. The pared-down styling plays well with both modern and farmhouse decor, suiting urban lofts and rustic cabins alike. Wherever you need a touch of industrial flair, this minimalist floor lamp delivers.

Stable Base and Sturdy Pole Prevent Tipping

Built from solid iron, this floor lamp provides unmatched stability. The wide, heavy circular base prevents wobbling and eliminates worries about the lamp toppling over. The pole connecting to the base is nice and thick, keeping the structure solidly upright. No need to screw this lamp into the floor like other flimsy options.

The lamp’s stable construction also makes it safe to use around kids and pets. Place it next to chairs and reading nooks without fear of it falling when bumped. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a truly sturdy standing lamp.

Convenient Foot Switch Makes Operation a Breeze

Tapping a foot switch to power your lighting on and off is easy and intuitive. Just step on the switch located on the floor lamp’s base whenever you need to toggle the bulbs on or off. The foot switch eliminates the need to get up and search for a switch on the wall across the room.

Don’t worry, you can still control the lamp via a wall switch if desired. The floor lamp works with standard wall switches, so you have the flexibility to choose your preferred method. Enjoy effortless, convenient control over your lighting.

Customize Your Lighting With E26 Bulb Sockets

This floor lamp comes with three E26 medium screw-in light bulb sockets suitable for standard bulbs. Choose from a range of bulb shapes, sizes, colors, and brightness levels to create a unique ambiance. Use all matching bulbs for consistency or mix and match to highlight each lamp shade differently.

We recommend using Edison-style bulbs up to 60 watts to complement the industrial design. Opt for soft white, daylight, or amber bulbs depending on the mood you want to set. You can easily swap bulbs whenever you feel like changing the look.

Compact Size Slides Into Tight Spaces

Measuring just 9 inches wide at the circular base, this floor lamp can squeeze into narrow nooks and corners. Easily tuck it behind furniture like sofas, chairs, and headboards thanks to the shade’s narrow 14.5-inch diameter. The 6-foot power cord gives you flexibility for placement too.

Illuminate smaller spaces like reading nooks, nightstands, and apartment corners with this conveniently sized lamp. Its scaled-down proportions make it ideal for bedrooms, home offices, and other cozy rooms.

Quick & Easy Assembly Right Out of the Box

Putting this floor lamp together takes only minutes with no tools required. All pieces connect by screwing them together by hand – no complex wiring needed. Thepackage includes detailed step-by-step instructions and labeled parts for hassle-free assembly. Simply screw on the base, connect the pole, attach the shades, plug it in, and enjoy your new lighting!

Brighten Your Space with Adjustable Warm Lighting

The QiMH Industrial Floor Lamp infuses spaces with soft, adjustable lamplight perfect for:

– Living rooms – Position next to the sofa or armchair to illuminate your relaxation spot.

– Bedrooms – Place by the bed for handy lighting when reading before bed.

– Home offices – Use behind a desk or reading chair to bask paperwork in warm light.

– Entryways – Welcome guests with a soft glow and make a stylish first impression.

– Dorm rooms – Save space with this compact lamp ideal for small rooms.

Pick Up This Stylish & Functional Lighting Solution

With its versatile brushed brass design and convenient foot switch operation, this industrial floor lamp elevates any room. The sturdy iron construction provides reliable stability that’s also safe for kids and pets. Add instant ambiance and handy lighting to your living space with this unique 3-cage floor lamp.


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