Illuminate Your Space in Style with the DYLBRIHOM 68.5” Dimmable Floor Lamp




Tired of basic floor lamps that just turn on and off? Looking to add some versatile, dimmable lighting to your home? Introducing the DYLBRIHOM 68.5” Dimmable Floor Lamp, featuring a unique 3-light design with adjustable brightness so you can create the perfect ambiance in any room.

Advanced Fully Dimmable Rotary Switch for Customized Brightness

This floor lamp takes illumination to the next level with its innovative rotary dimmer switch. Simply turn the knob to smoothly dim from 100% brightness down to a subtle glow at 0%. The stepless dimming capabilities allow you to precisely adjust the light to suit any activity or mood.

Keep brightness low for a cozy dinner or ramp it up when you need task lighting for reading or working. The dimmable function also prevents harsh, sudden glare that can strain eyes. Find the ideal brightness for the moment with just a twist of the knob. No external dimmer required!

Unique Elegant Design with 3 Caged Lights

What really makes this floor lamp stand out is the charming 3-light design. Three slender metal cages surrounded by teardrop frames branch out from the tall 68.5” pole. Outfitted with bulbs, they provide a warm 360° glow that’s brighter than a single-light lamp.

The flowing shape and matte black finish give these dimmable floor lamps an airy, vintage-industrial vibe. They bring understated elegance and rustic flair to living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and beyond. The tiered lampheads provide ambient illumination, while the matte poles easily blend into the background.

Heavy Sturdy Base for Safety and Stability

Built with stability in mind, this floor lamp has a weighted circular base measuring 15” across. Combined with the sturdy steel pole, this base keeps the tall lamp firmly planted. No worrying about tipping or sagging poles!

The reliability provides peace of mind when using these dimmable floor lamps around kids, pets, and high-traffic areas. Standing over 5 feet tall, they make an impression without compromising safety. The quality materials and construction also prevent rust, cracks, or other wear and tear.

3 Dimmable LED Bulbs Included to Maximize Compatibility

To make setup easy, this floor lamp comes with three 7-watt ST58 dimmable LED light bulbs included. The 2700K warm white bulbs generate a cozy ambiance perfect for living spaces. And since they’re already dimmable and matched for the lamp, all you have to do is install them in the sockets and enjoy the perfect lighting.

Rated to last over 25,000 hours, these energy-saving LED bulbs reduce costs and hassle. But if you ever need replacements, standard E26 bulbs up to 60 watts also work. The included bulbs maximize convenience without limiting options.

Quick and Easy Assembly Right Out of the Box

Ready to set up your new dimmable floor lamp? Assembly couldn’t be easier thanks to the detailed instructions included in the box. All necessary hardware and tools are also provided.

With just a few intuitive steps, your lamp can be unpacked, assembled, and lighting up your space in under 10 minutes! No complicated diagrams or confusing parts. And our friendly customer service is happy to help if any questions come up.

An Ideal Balance of Style and Function

With its 3-light dimmable design, sturdy construction, included LED bulbs, and easy assembly, the DYLBRIHOM 68.5” Dimmable Floor Lamp strikes the perfect balance of stylish decor and versatile functionality.

Brighten up your living room, bedroom, office, or any space with these reliable, adjustable floor lamps today!

Buy now on Amazon and take advantage of free shipping. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any product questions. DYLBRIHOM aims to deliver 5-star customer satisfaction.


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