Instant Pot Magnetic Cheat Sheets – The Ultimate Accessory for Pressure Cooker Mastery


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Do you own an Instant Pot but struggle to remember correct cook times and liquid ratios? Are you tired of flipping through cookbooks or scrolling online recipes to find this key info? Well struggle no more! This Instant Pot cheat sheet magnet set has got you covered.

With 19 information-packed magnets, this set contains everything you need for Instant Pot success right on your appliance. Stop guessing and start pressure cooking like a pro!

Instantly Access 95 Essential Food Charts & Cooking Guides

This set includes 95 common ingredients with their ideal pressure cook times, liquid ratios, and guidelines. foods are conveniently organized into helpful categories like:

– Vegetables
– Chicken & Pork
– Beans & Legumes
– Beef
– Seafood & Fish
– Grains & Pasta
– Other Meats

With one quick glance at these Instant Pot magnets, you’ll be able to pressure cook chicken breasts, dry beans, brown rice, fish fillets, and much more perfectly every time.

Sticks Securely to Any Magnetic Surface

These flexible magnet sheets stick directly onto your Instant Pot or refrigerator worry-free. The ultra thin 0.5mm magnetic layer ensures these cheat sheets lay flat and hold strong.

Unlike cheap sticker charts that peel or leave residue, these soft magnets won’t damage or ruin surfaces. Their waterproof and oil-proof lamination also allows them to be easily wiped clean after messy cooking splatters in the kitchen.

Simple, Organized, and Easy-to-Read

With clear headers, charts, icons, and cooking facts these Instant Pot accessories are designed for maximum readability and daily use. You’ll be able to quickly reference cooking times, liquid ratios, and tips without squinting or guessing.

Cooking icons help identify food types at a glance. Charts arrange info neatly in columns. Facts are summarized clearly in bullet points. Everything is formatted and organized for simplicity.

The Must-Have Accessory for Instant Pot Lovers

Any Instant Pot owner needs this ultimate pressure cooking cheat sheet set in their kitchen. Whether for yourself or as a gift, it’s sure to be used and appreciated for years to come.

With this Instant Pot magnet set you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to cook like a pro every night! Stop second-guessing and start unleashing the full potential of your Instant Pot.

We Guarantee You’ll Love It!

We stand behind our products 100%. If you ever have any issues with your magnetic cheat sheet set, we’ll promptly replace it for you. Many customers love them so much they buy sets for all their family and friends too.

So why wait? Get this must-have Instant Pot accessory and master your pressure cooker today!


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