Intelligent Design Raina Metallic Print Blackout Window Curtain Panel – Thermal Insulated Light Blocking Drapes for Bedroom, Living Room, and Dorm (50 x 84 Inches, Grey/Silver)


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Add an eye-catching metallic touch to your windows with the Intelligent Design Raina Blackout Curtain Panel. This stylish window covering blocks outside light and provides insulation for improved energy efficiency. The gorgeous metallic print in chic grey and silver tones complements both modern and traditional decors. Drape this curtain over any window to create a stylish light-blocking focal point.

Complete Blackout

The Raina curtain panel is specially engineered to block outside light for complete blackout conditions. The thick, high-density triple weave fabric prevents light leakage even in bright rooms. Blackout performance is enhanced by a full foam backing, creating 3 layers of light-blocking power.

Benefits of the blackout design include:

  • Blocks sunlight to allow uninterrupted sleep during the daytime
  • Provides complete privacy by preventing people from seeing inside
  • Cuts down on outside noise entering the room
  • Reduces fading of interior furnishings caused by sunlight

These intelligent blackout curtains create dark, sleep-friendly environments for nurseries, bedrooms, media rooms, and any other areas where light control and noise reduction are desired.

Thermal Insulated

The 3-pass blackout lining also provides effective thermal insulation to reduce energy costs. The thick, foam-backed fabric helps insulate windows against cold drafts in winter and hot sun in summer.

Benefits of the insulating design include:

  • Traps air to form an insulation barrier reducing heat/cold transfer
  • Lowers energy bills by decreasing demand on heating and cooling
  • Maintains consistent indoor temperatures for comfort
  • Reduces condensation and frost on windows

The Raina blackout thermal curtains are perfect for improving energy efficiency in any room. Their ability to lessen temperature extremes also means your room will maintain a comfortable environment year-round.

Trendy Metallic Print Design

This on-trend window curtain panel features a gorgeous abstract print metallic design. The stylish pattern consists of overlapping geometric diamonds, triangles, and lines in a reflective silver color. This pops against the solid grey background.

The bold metallic print provides visual interest while complementing both modern and traditional décors. Silver tones pair beautifully with cool greys and blues common in contemporary rooms. The light color palette also works well with warm woods and neutrals in classic spaces. Use these curtains to add an elegant yet edgy metallic touch to your windows.

Easy to Hang, Open, and Close

Convenience features make these blackout curtain panels a breeze to install and use. Each panel is equipped with antique silver grommets across the top. These accommodate curtain rods up to 1.25 inches in diameter for quick hanging.

The grommet holes allow the curtains to glide smoothly along the rod by hand or cord. Open and close them easily to control the amount of light entering the room. No more fussing with tricky curtain rings or unstable hanging methods.

Each curtain panel measures 50 inches wide by 84 inches long. Purchase two of the same panels per window to achieve full coverage from the rod down to the floor or window sill. With two panels installed, you’ll enjoy optimal light blocking, insulation, and an elegant window styling.

Durable and Easy-Care

These silver blackout curtain panels are made from durable woven polyester microfiber. The dense weave resists shrinking, wrinkling, and wear from everyday use. Faded colors and fraying hems will be a thing of the past.

When cleaning is needed, simply machine wash the curtains gently on cold and tumble dry on low. The thermal foam backing may cause the panels to take longer to fully dry. To preserve the vivid print colors and soft texture, avoid direct sunlight and heat when laundering.

Perfect for Any Room

With their stylish design and functional features, these metallic print blackout curtains work wonderfully in any room:

  • Bedrooms – Block light for uninterrupted sleep and added privacy
  • Living Rooms – Insulate windows to reduce heating/cooling costs
  • Media Rooms – Eliminate light interference for better TV viewing
  • Dorms – Cocoon your space in total darkness for studying and sleeping
  • Nurseries – Limit light and noise to create a soothing environment for baby
  • Offices – Prevent glare on computer screens and increase concentration

With their versatile functionality and trendy metallic style, these blackout curtain panels are the perfect choice for stylishly regulating light in any space.

Metal Print Blackout Curtains from Intelligent Design

The Raina blackout curtains are part of the Intelligent Design brand’s lineup of affordably priced and well-designed home furnishings. Intelligent Design combines current trends with functionality and durability to create products perfect for savvy shoppers.

When purchasing ID blackout curtains, you can be confident you’re getting innovative design paired with useful features like light blocking, noise reduction, and insulation. Available in a range of rich colors and bold prints, their curtain and drapery collections allow you to stylishly transform any room.

Experience the difference Intelligent Design’s blackout curtains can make in your home. The Raina metallic print panel adds high-end style while controlling light and temperature. Purchase a pair today to give your windows a functional yet fashionable upgrade!


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