JAVCO Flower Toilet Gel Stamps – Tropical Passion Fruit & Passion Flower Scents – 96 Self Adhesive Gels


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Treat your bathroom to a tropical getaway with the JAVCO Flower Toilet Gel Stamps. These innovative gel fresheners infuse your space with the sweet, sensual scents of passion fruit and passion flower.

Transform Your Bathroom into a Tropical Oasis

Escape the everyday and bring a touch of the tropics to your home. The vibrant, fruity aroma of fresh passion fruit coupled with the exotic floral scent of passion flower creates an irresistible island vibe. Feel like you’re basking on white sand beaches with each visit to your bathroom.

Long-Lasting, Pleasant Fragrances

Specially formulated gel delivers continuous odor control for days at a time. The pleasant scents linger in your bathroom, leaving behind a clean, fresh impression for family and guests. No more embarrassment from unpleasant bathroom odors.

96 Self-Adhesive Gel Stamps

Each tube includes 96 individual gel stamps to keep your toilet bowl smelling fresh for months. The compact gel stamps adhere securely to the inner surface of the toilet bowl. Just press one on the inside each time you change the toilet paper roll for ongoing fragrance.

Simple, Mess-Free Application

No pouring, spraying, or dripping! The self-contained gel stamps are incredibly easy to apply. Simply peel the backing paper and press onto the porcelain. The innovative stamp design adheres quickly and releases fragrance gradually over time.

Convenient 4-in-1 Action

This toilet freshener provides four benefits in each gel stamp:

Cleans – Powerful cleaning agents attack stains, debris, and bacteria
Deodorizes – Neutralizes unpleasant odors at the source

De-scales – Removes built-up mineral deposits and limescale
Perfumes – Leaves behind a revitalizing tropical scent

Leaves Your Bathroom Sparkling Clean

Active cleaning ingredients not only eliminate odors, but also sanitize and descale the toilet bowl. Enjoy the look and smell of a pristine bathroom every time you walk in.

Creates an Inviting Ambiance

Little touches make a big difference in the overall feel of a space. Bring positive energy and a warm, welcoming vibe to your bathroom with a transportive tropical fragrance experience.

Great for Guest Bathrooms Too

Make a great impression on visitors by keeping your guest bathroom immaculately clean and fragranced. Just place a decorative flowers or seashells in a basket next to the toilet to tie in the theme.

Hassle-Free, Hands-Free Application

Self-adhesive stamps apply easily without getting gel on your hands. No dripping, spilling, or making a mess! Also helps maintain cleaner toilet brushes compared to liquid cleaners.

Safe for All Toilet Types

The gel formula and self-adhesive stamps are safe to use on porcelain, plastic, metal, and acrylic toilets. Won’t damage glazes or finishes.

Treat yourself to a little tropical luxury each time you use the bathroom. JAVCO Flower Toilet Gel Stamps infuse any bathroom with the lush, vibrant scent of the tropics. Order a tube today and transport your ordinary bathroom to a seaside paradise!


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