JOYBOS 2 Pack Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder Set – Extra Long Handle for Easy Cleaning


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Take the effort out of scrubbing your toilet bowl and keep your bathroom sparkling clean with the JOYBOS Toilet Brush and Holder Set. This 2-pack includes two premium toilet bowl brushes and holders designed for thorough, hassle-free cleaning.

Deep Cleans Without Dead Ends

The hemispherical brush head gets into every nook and cranny of your toilet bowl, scrubbing away stubborn stains and residue. Unlike traditional toilet brushes, the JOYBOS design has no dead ends. This allows the stiff, durable bristles to clean all surfaces of the toilet bowl and pipe, even hard to reach areas. No more dirty grooves or hidden germs!

Wall Mount Saves Space

Keep your bathroom neat and organized by mounting the holder on your wall with the included stickers. No tools or drilling required! The stickers are waterproof and keep the holder firmly in place. Place it wherever it works best in your space. Or, use the weighted base to keep the holder upright on the floor.

Long Aluminum Alloy Handle

At 19.3 inches long, the handle on this toilet bowl brush allows you to comfortably scrub every inch of the bowl while standing. No more kneeling or bending to scour stubborn stains. The aluminum alloy handle is lightweight yet durable, and designed for optimal grip and maneuverability inside the toilet.

Dense, Durable Bristles

Thick bristles cover the entire head of the brush, providing excellent scouring power. The bristles are firmly attached and won’t fall out easily. Made of tough nylon, the bristles hold their shape with repeated use. Strong cleaning action and bristle retention make this an extremely durable toilet brush built to last.

Removes Stains with Minimal Effort

Oval-shaped bristles deeply penetrate into crevices, grout lines, and curved surfaces of the toilet bowl and pipe. With just a few circular motions, the brush scrubs away rust, limescale, grime, and even toughest stains. Cleaning the toilet is quick and easy.

Built-in Drip Tray

A slotted plastic drip tray catches water and debris from the brush after cleaning. Simply remove the tray and rinse it off to keep the holder hygienic. Ventilation in the holder allows the brush to dry out between uses. Trapped moisture can encourage bacterial growth, so this feature helps prevent this.

Easy to Clean

Maintaining the JOYBOS toilet bowl brush is simple. The smooth plastic holder is easy to wipe down as needed. To sanitize the brush, dip it in diluted bleach and rinse thoroughly. Or use an antibacterial spray. Removable bristles make thorough cleaning hassle-free.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

JOYBOS provides a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with this toilet bowl brush set for any reason. Contact us for a full refund or replacement. We stand behind the quality of our products.

Keep your bathroom fresh and germ-free with the JOYBOS Toilet Brush and Holder Set! Durable bristles, angled design, and long handle make scrubbing the toilet fast and easy. The wall mount frees up precious floor space. Buy now and get a 2-pack for the price of one – an amazing value exclusive to Amazon.


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