Keep Cool and Focused with the FARADAY USB Desk Fans (2 Pack)


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Stay cool and improve your productivity with the FARADAY USB Desk Fans 2 Pack. These compact yet powerful fans are perfect for providing a refreshing breeze during long days at the office, late nights studying, or whenever you need relief from heat.

Powerful 3-Speed Performance

Don’t let the small size fool you – these little fans pack a powerful punch. With 3 speed settings up to 2616 RPM, you can customize the airflow to your needs. The lowest setting provides a gentle breeze, while cranking it up to the highest setting creates a robust wind stream. Either way, you’ll stay comfortable and focused on the task at hand.

The quiet motor ensures you can run the fans as needed without creating distracting noise. At lower speeds, you’ll barely hear it running. The soft hum at higher speeds is easy to tune out and won’t disrupt conversations or concentration.

Convenient USB Power

Powering the fans is a breeze thanks to the included 4.9ft USB power cable. Simply plug into any USB port, USB wall adapter, power bank, or laptop to provide ample power for continuous use. The cord is long enough to place the fan wherever needed yet keeps clutter to a minimum.

With USB power, you can easily take the fan on the go. Keep one in your backpack to stay cool in class, at the library, or anywhere you need personal cooling. The compact size takes up minimal space, so you’ll always have a fan when you need it.

360° Adjustable Airflow

Aim the refreshing breeze exactly where you want it thanks to the 360° adjustable head. Pivot and tilt the fan to direct air flow upwards while working, pointed straight on for maximum cooling effect, or off to the side to create a cross breeze with multiple fans.

The sturdy 4 rubber pads on the base prevent sliding on smooth surfaces while allowing the fan to turn with ease. Find the perfect position then lock in place to keep the breeze flowing right where you aimed it.

Sleek, Portable Design

Measuring just 5 inches in diameter, these portable fans are ideal for desktops, dorm rooms, offices, RVs, and anywhere space is limited. The modern cylindrical design adds subtle style to any space.

Weighing only 0.66 lbs, it’s easy to bring the cooling power of these fans wherever needed. Toss in your backpack, keep one in the car, bring it along on camping trips, or set it up by the couch when relaxing at home. Wherever you need a personalized breeze, you can have it with the FARADAY USB fans.

Easy Maintenance

While the durable plastic housing is built to last, the removable front grille makes cleaning a breeze. Simply twist off the front cover to access the fan blades. Give the blades and grille a quick wipe down with a damp cloth to remove any dust and debris buildup.

Regular cleaning prevents premature wear and keeps the fans operating at peak performance. With just slight, periodic maintenance you can enjoy strong cooling power for years to come.

Why Choose the FARADAY USB Desk Fans?

  • Powerful 3-speed performance up to 2616 RPM
  • Quiet operation for disturbance-free use
  • USB-powered for desktop or on-the-go cooling
  • 360° adjustable airflow direction
  • Compact 5″ size takes up minimal space
  • Lightweight and portable for use anywhere
  • Removable grille for quick cleaning
  • Modern, cylindrical design fits any décor

Stay comfortable, focused, and productive no matter how high the temperatures soar. With two fans for the price of one, you can double your cooling power or share with a friend.

Beat the heat and order the FARADAY USB Desk Fans 2 Pack today!


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