Legend Cast Iron Skillet with Lid – Pre-Seasoned Sauté Pan for Oven, Stovetop, and Induction Cooking


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Behold the pan of legends. This Legend Cast Iron 3 Quart Skillet lives up to its name with culinary versatility, lifelong durability, and cooking performance that constantly improves.

The Pan for Everyday Heroes

This pre-seasoned cast iron skillet truly is the stuff of legends. Its extra-long handle provides a safe, solid grip for simpler handling. The included cast iron lid transforms this pan into a stockpot, casserole, roaster, and more. An edgy, modern take on classic cast iron, this skillet has the spirit of yesterday with the convenience cooking needs of today.

Gain Power Over Heat

Slip this skillet onto the stove’s heat, into a hot oven, or onto a campfire grate. Legend Cast Iron puts you fully in command of cooking intensity. Sear, saute, bake, broil, braise, roast, fry, simmer – unlock endless cooking potential.

Iron’s unparalleled heat distribution cooks with precision. The matte black patina interior boasts a natural nonstick ability. Food just doesn’t stick to seasoned cast iron like it does to other pans.

Flavor Gets Richer Over Time

This pan arrives pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil – no synthetic coatings or chemicals. The more you use your Legend Skillet, the better the nonstick seasoning becomes. Each meal adds another layer of flavor charring to the pan’s pores. Like a prized baseball glove or favorite jeans, this iron pan conforms perfectly to you over time.

Cook, Serve, Store

Legend Cast Iron can move seamlessly from stovetop to oven (up to 500°F), camping grill, or outdoor fire. Safe for induction cooktops, too.

The long handle and helper handle allow reliable transfer from cooking to serving. Place the included iron lid on your cooked skillet, and food stays hot at the table.

Once cooled, just hand wash gently, wipe dry, and rub with oil to prevent rust. Display or nestle pieces in your kitchen. The subtle style blends into any décor.

Heirloom Quality Just Gets Better

Treat this pre-seasoned pan well and it will become your go-to for generations to come. The solid cast iron construction distributes and retains heat unlike any other cookware. It’s impossible to dent or warp, becoming naturally nonstick over time.

Small imperfections in the raw casting actually improve cooking performance. Each pan is unique.

The Perfect Gift for Cooks

Surprise the chef who swears by cast iron with this versatile skillet. Watch the eyes of foodies light up when they first hold this substantial, sturdy pan.

Give the cast iron lover something new to enhance their collection. Or introduce homemade comfort food to a new cook.

Legend Cast Iron makes cooking memorable. This heirloom-quality skillet truly has the power to become the legend of your kitchen.


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