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Brighten up any room in your home with the PESRAE Floor Lamp. This sleek and modern floor lamp provides the perfect lighting solution for your living room, bedroom, home office, or reading nook.

The PESRAE Floor Lamp features a unique torchiere design that projects light upwards and bounces it off the ceiling, eliminating shadows and filling the whole room with a soft, diffused light. The matte black finish gives this lamp a contemporary style that looks great in any home decor.

But this is much more than just a standard floor lamp. The PESRAE Floor Lamp comes with advanced features like a built-in LED dimmable light bulb, remote control, and stepless dimming so you can customize the lighting to suit your needs.

Stepless Dimming for Customized Brightness

With the included remote control, you can dim the light to any level between 5% and 100% brightness. No more harsh, eye-straining light when you want to relax. Just use the remote to lower the brightness for the perfect soft glow. Or brighten it up to 100% when you need full-powered illumination for reading or working. The stepless dimming makes it easy to find just the right light level for any activity or mood.

The remote works from up to 49 feet away, so you can adjust the light from anywhere in the room. No more getting up to turn the switch on and off. Just pick up the remote and customize the lighting with the click of a button.

Adjustable Color Temperature for Warm to Cool Light

Not only can you dim the PESRAE Floor Lamp up and down, but you can also adjust the color temperature. Choose a warm 3000K light that’s perfect for a cozy night in. Or opt for an invigorating 6000K daylight white when you want to feel energized. With the ability to set any color temperature in between, you can match the lighting to your activity or mood.

Create the perfect ambiance for reading by setting the lamp to a warmer tone that won’t strain your eyes. Or opt for a cooler light when doing tasks that require more focus and attention. With full customization at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless.

Advanced Remote Control Features

The remote control makes operating the PESRAE Floor Lamp simple and convenient. But this remote includes some special features that make it even more user friendly.

The remote is magnetic, so you can attach it to any metal surface like the pole or base of the lamp, your fridge, or other magnetic appliances. This prevents losing or misplacing the remote. It’s always within reach when you need to adjust the settings.

And if you don’t feel like using the remote, there’s also a manual on/off foot switch on the base of the lamp. The foot switch provides familiar tactile control to turn it on or off with the click of your foot. But the remote offers more advanced features for truly customizing your lighting.

Modern Styling to Compliment Your Decor

With its sleek torchiere design and matte black finish, this floor lamp has a contemporary style that blends well with any home decor. The elongated pole and rounded base provide graceful lines and visual interest. Place it beside a sofa or armchair to provide a halo of soft light around your seating area. Or tuck it neatly into a corner to illuminate the whole room.

At 65 inches tall, this floor lamp makes a dramatic statement while still offering excellent illumination from any corner. The compact 14 inch diameter base keeps the footprint slim so the lamp doesn’t overwhelm small spaces.

The matte black finish resists fingerprints and scratches, so it will maintain its sophisticated look for years to come. This durable construction combined with elegant styling means the PESRAE Floor Lamp will serve as a beautiful and functional lighting fixture in your home for a long time.

Simple Assembly with No Tools Required

Putting together the PESRAE Floor Lamp is quick and easy. It ships as two main pieces – the base and the pole. Simply screw the pole into the base by hand to assemble. No tools or complicated instructions required. Assembly takes just minutes, so you can start enjoying this lamp’s beautiful lighting right away.

Forget about frustrating projects with lost parts and confusing diagrams. This floor lamp snaps together almost effortlessly so you can get it set up in no time. With easy tool-free assembly and advanced remote control features, the PESRAE Floor Lamp combines convenience and style.

Energy Efficient Integrated LED Bulb

The PESRAE Floor Lamp comes with an integrated 9W LED bulb that provides bright, beautiful illumination while using a fraction of the energy of a traditional incandescent bulb. LED bulbs last for decades, so you likely won’t have to deal with replacing burnt out bulbs.

The integrated LED ensures the bulb aligns perfectly with the shade to distribute light optimally throughout the room. Experience bright, flawless lighting with excellent energy efficiency and almost no maintenance.

Safety-Tested Construction for Peace of Mind

The PESRAE Floor Lamp has undergone extensive safety testing and is built to the highest standards. The shade, pole, and base are all made from durable high-quality materials that stand up to the rigors of everyday use.

It meets the strict safety regulations for lighting products sold in the US and Europe. You can trust that this lamp has been engineered for safe, long-lasting performance. With safety certifications from major international organizations, you can rest easy knowing the PESRAE Floor Lamp has passed all required tests.

Enjoy Perfect Lighting with Just the Click of a Button

The PESRAE Remote Control Floor Lamp combines advanced functionality and elegant style. With its unique torchiere design, stepless dimming, adjustable color temperature, magnetic remote, integrated LED bulb, and tool-free assembly, this floor lamp provides the ultimate lighting experience.

Customize the ambiance from warm to cool, bright to soft, and anywhere in between to suit your task, mood, or personal taste. Position it anywhere in your living room, bedroom, office, or reading nook, and enjoy flawless illumination just the way you like it.

Light up your life in style with the convenience of cutting-edge lighting technology and bold, sophisticated design. The PESRAE Floor Lamp is the perfect fusion of form and function.


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