Make Laundry Fun with the Etna Over the Door Basketball Laundry Hamper




Tired of nagging your kids to clean up their dirty clothes? Turn laundry day into game day with the Etna Over the Door Basketball Laundry Hamper! This unique hamper combines the fun of basketball with the functionality of a laundry bag, making chore time a slam dunk for kids.

Shoot Hoops and Dirty Clothes

The Etna hamper features a sturdy metal hoop and backboard that allows kids to shoot balled up socks and underwear into the net just like a basketball. The included mesh drawstring bag simply attaches to the backboard so clothes easily swish into the hamper when kids score a laundry shot. Dunking dirty clothes into the basket makes cleaning fun and gives kids an engaging way to participate in chores.

Hang It Anywhere

Designed to conveniently hang over most doors, this over the door hamper is perfect for small bedrooms, dorm rooms, bathrooms, nurseries, and more. The metal bracket easily installs over the top of almost any door, allowing the basket to hang securely. It assembles in seconds without any tools required. The hamper hangs flush against the door when not in use, taking up very little space.

Large Capacity Laundry Bag

While fun for kids, it also functions great as a laundry hamper. The included mesh bag unclasps from the backboard and is large enough to hold a full load of dirty clothes. It measures a spacious 36 inches long when empty. The durable polyester material features a drawstring top to keep clothes securely inside. The breathable mesh promotes air flow to your clothes in between washes.

Customizable Basketball Backboard

Personalize the metal backboard by writing your child’s name on it with a marker (not included). They’ll love seeing their name in lights every time they shoot their laundry. It really helps kids take pride in keeping clothes off the floor. The powder coated steel backboard measures 16.25 x 10.5 inches, the perfect size for a kid-sized slam dunk.

Compact Hanging Hamper

This over the door design is ideal for small homes, apartments, dorm rooms, RVs, and more. Since it hangs vertically, it takes up very little floor space. Easily install it in a bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, or closet to hold plenty of dirty clothes. It’s also great for offices, camps, daycare, and other commercial applications.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 16.25 x 10.5 inch backboard, 36 inch bag length
  • Materials: Powder coated steel backboard, polyester mesh bag
  • Holds up to 40LBS
  • For indoor use only
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Backboard can be personalized with markers (not included)
  • Over the door installation – no tools required
  • Machine washable laundry bag

Reasons to Love This Basketball Hamper

  • Interactive: Kids have fun shooting and dunking their laundry into the basket
  • Engaging: Turns chore time into playtime!
  • Encourages Responsibility: Gets kids cleaning their rooms
  • Space Saving: Hangs over the door to conserve floor space
  • Convenient: Easy to install and remove for washing
  • Large Capacity: Roomy 36 inch bag holds lots of clothes
  • Customizable: Personalize with your child’s name
  • Multipurpose: Use in bedrooms, bathrooms, dorms, offices, etc

Tired of nagging your kids to clean up? Make chore time fun and games with the Etna Over the Door Basketball Laundry Hamper. This innovative hamper allows kids to shoot hoops with their dirty clothes, dunking them right into the laundry bag. It installs easily over most doors, saving floor space. The included mesh bag removes for washing and holds up to 40lbs of clothes. Customize it by writing your child’s name on the metal backboard so they can show it off to friends. Turn laundry duty into playtime with this must-have hamper for kids and teens!


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