Milan Set of 2 Plug-In Wall Sconces with Fabric Shades – Modern Electric Wall Lights for Bedroom, Living Room


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Illuminate your home in style with the Milan Set of 2 Plug-In Wall Sconces. Featuring an industrial chic look with simple, modern design, these electric wall sconces add a touch of subtle charm to any room.

Each sconce comes with an easy-to-install, plug-in cord design. No electrician or wiring required – simply secure the metal backplate to the wall, plug into an electrical outlet, and switch on the built-in ON/OFF switch conveniently located on the cord.

Within seconds, your room is washed in a warm, welcoming glow thanks to the natural linen fabric lampshades that emit a soft ambient light. The shades diffuse the bulb’s brightness for a cleaner, less harsh light that’s perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom, living room, hallway, and beyond.

What’s truly unique about the Milan Wall Sconces is the color temperature adjusting feature. An easy-access dial on each sconce allows you to toggle between 3 different kelvin levels:

– Warm White 3000K – Perfect for a cozy, inviting ambiance. Ideal for living rooms and bedrooms.

– Daylight White 4000K – A bright, crisp light, perfect for tasks like makeup application and reading. Fantastic for bedrooms, nurseries, and offices.

– Cool White 6000K – A focused, energizing light ideal for kitchens, workspaces, and counters.

With the ability to customize the light color, you can set the perfect mood morning, noon, or night. Easily transition from an invigorating daylight-hued light to host guests, to a relaxing warm glow when it’s time to unwind. With just the flick of a switch, you’re in control of the vibe.

The durable steel frame with bronze finish adds a signature industrial touch. At 6 inches wide, these space-saving sconces squeeze into narrow halls and small bedrooms, or flank a mirror or artwork in the living room.

Designed to brighten and beautify your space for years to come, the shade fabric is tightly woven for longevity. The fire-resistant linen withstands everyday use and the occasional bump or nudge from pets or kids.

Each sconce measures 6” W x 6” D x 15.75” H and features an adjustable arm that allows you to direct light where you need it most. All the hardware you need for installation is included.

Light up your home decor with the versatile Milan Set of 2 Plug-In Wall Sconces. With adjustable warm to cool light and compact design, these plug-in wall lamps bring convenience and style to every space.

Here are some room-by-room ideas on where to use your new sconces:

Living Room:
– Flank a sofa or above side tables for cozy, ambient lighting.
– Brighten a dark corner or spotlight artwork.
– Place on either side of a console table or entertainment center.

– Install bedside for reading lights.
– Add interest flanking above a headboard.
– Brighten up a gloomy corner or illuminate a dresser.

– Flank the mirror above a vanity for task lighting.
– Add to the spa ambiance when used near a soaking tub.
– Provide a nightlight near the toilet and sink area.

– Line a long corridor to light the way.
– Show off photos, prints, or wall decor.
– Illuminate staircases.

– Direct light onto desktops or reading nooks.
– Style up a bookcase or storage cabinet.
– Layer ambient lighting with task lamps.

The possibilities are truly endless with the versatile Milan Set of 2 Plug-In Wall Sconces. With easy installation and flexible placement, you can customize these electric wall lamps to your heart’s content.

Brighten up your home decor with the perfect plug-in wall lights today!


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