Multifunctional Bluetooth Night Light Speaker for Kids with Soothing Sounds




Give your little one the gift of peaceful slumber and endless entertainment with the Whimsy Wood Multifunctional Bluetooth Night Light Speaker for Kids. This innovative 3-in-1 device provides a colorful night light, high-quality Bluetooth speaker, and soothing sound machine all rolled into one adorable package!

Designed with convenience for busy parents in mind, this bird-shaped Bluetooth night light speaker has everything you need to create a comforting sleep environment and make bedtime a breeze. The instant you turn it on, your child will be mesmerized by the soft glow of 16 enchanting LED light colors dancing across their bedroom ceiling and walls.

But this night light does more than just provide a calming ambiance. It also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker that pairs with your smartphone or tablet in seconds. You can play lullabies, nature sounds, audiobooks, children’s songs and more to set the perfect mood for sleepytime.

With high-fidelity 5.0 Bluetooth technology and impressive 360° surround sound, this portable speaker fills the whole room with crystal-clear audio. Your child can enjoy immersive entertainment anywhere during playtime or quiet moments before bed.

When it’s time for lights out, use the convenient touch controls to activate the soothing sound machine. Choose between white noise, ocean waves, rainfall and other peaceful sounds that promote relaxation and restful slumber all night long.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant LED Night Light with 16 color options for fun ambiance
  • 5.0 Bluetooth Speaker pairs easily with smartphone or tablet
  • Plays music, lullabies, nature sounds to help baby sleep
  • Soothing sound machine with white noise, waves, rain, etc
  • Doubles as portable Bluetooth speaker for indoor/outdoor use
  • Rechargeable battery provides up to 14 hours of continuous use
  • Fun bird shape adds whimsical style to any child’s room
  • Auto shut-off timer prevents overheating and saves energy
  • Made from durable, child-safe materials

Adorable Companion for Bedtime & Beyond

With its friendly bird shape and whimsical design, this Bluetooth night light speaker adds a touch of playful personality to your little one’s bedroom. The smooth curves and vivid LED light display are sure to delight kids while providing comfort and security when darkness falls.

The convenient rechargeable battery ensures the fun doesn’t have to stop once lights go out. Unplug the night light and bring it along for impromptu dance parties, playdates with friends, or evenings outdoors. Wherever you go, this portable speaker pumps out 360° of rich, full-range sound for up to 14 hours of continuous listening.

While this night light Bluetooth speaker is ideal for toddlers and young children, users of all ages will enjoy its versatile functionality. Place it on an office desk to add cheerful ambiance during late work nights. Create a relaxing oasis in the bathroom for unwinding after a long day. Or set the mood out on the patio for evening barbecues and social gatherings.

Premium Quality Materials & Safety

Constructed from durable ABS plastic with a soft silicone exterior, the Whimsy Wood Multifunctional Bluetooth Night Light Speaker is built to withstand enthusiastic play. The sturdy, lightweight design prevents tipping while the smooth edges prevent cuts and scratches if knocked over.

Vibrant, long-lasting LED bulbs are contained securely within the unit to prevent curious fingers from making contact. An auto shut-off feature turns the device off if it overheats or exceeds the time limit, preventing energy waste. This night light speaker is also ETL certified to ensure compliance with the highest safety standards.

Simple & Intuitive Controls

The easy-to-use touch controls allow you to master all the features in seconds. Toggle through the spectrum of LED colors, dim the brightness up or down, switch on the sound machine, pair Bluetooth devices, power on/off and more with just the touch of a finger.

An accompanying user manual provides step-by-step pairing, charging, and troubleshooting instructions for smooth setup. Charging is a breeze with the included USB cable that works with any standard phone adapter, power bank, or laptop.

Give your child the best gift of all – peaceful nights and fun-filled days – with the multifunctional Whimsy Wood Bluetooth Night Light Speaker. Order now and we’ll include a 30-day risk-free trial so you can experience the magic for yourself!


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