NESIMY Super Bros Question Block Night Light with Game Sound Effects




Bring the magic of the Mushroom Kingdom into any room with the NESIMY Super Bros Question Block Night Light. This authentic replica of the iconic in-game block features classic 8-bit sound effects straight from the original Super game.

Just give the block a tap to activate the dimmable LED light and hear the iconic “coin” chime sound effect. Tap it again to turn off the light and hear the “game over” tune. The details on this collector’s item are spot on, from the bright red “?” on each side down to the tiny brick pattern along the white trim.

Powered by USB, this night light can be plugged into a computer, laptop, power bank, or any 5V USB plug (not included) for hours of nostalgic fun. The lighting effect still looks great even when turned off, making this a beautiful decorative piece for any fan’s collection.

Give the gift of gaming nostalgia to a Super fan or treat yourself to this fun trip down memory lane. The NESIMY Question Block Night Light is the perfect way to add a pop of 16-bit magic to a shelf, desk, ormantle. Recapture your childhood excitement every time you turn on this pixel-perfect reproduction of a true classic Super icon.


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