Nordic Ware Traditional Danish Ebelskiver Pan – Create Perfect Pancake Balls and More


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Enjoy a taste of Denmark in your own kitchen with the Nordic Ware Danish Ebelskiver Pan. This classic cast aluminum pan makes it easy to create traditional Danish ebelskivers, spherical filled pancake balls that are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Use this 9.5 inch pan to whip up sweet or savory filled ebelskivers for breakfast, dessert, or anytime snacking. The nonstick interior cooks up 7 perfect orb-shaped pancakes at once with crispy, golden brown edges. Read on to learn why this pan is a must for any home chef.

Key Features:

Authentic Ebelskiver Design: Specially shaped indentations give each pancake ball its signature spherical shape. Yields 7 ebelskivers at a time.

Durable Cast Aluminum: Heats quickly and evenly for consistent cooking. The lightweight material is ideal for pancakes.

Nonstick Surface: Food releases easily from the PFOA-free nonstick for beautifully browned pancakes.

Stay-Cool Phenolic Handle: Allows for comfortable flipping and turning of pancakes during cooking.

Dishwasher Safe: Makes cleanup easy. Hand wash recommended to extend the life of the nonstick.

Enjoy a Taste of Authentic Danish Cooking

Ebelskivers are a specialty of Danish cuisine that date back centuries. These adorable filled pancake balls were traditionally cooked over the fire in cast iron pans. The Nordic Ware Ebelskiver Pan brings this iconic style of cooking to your modern kitchen.

Specially designed indentations give the pancakes their signature round shape as they cook, yielding 7 perfectly orb-shaped ebelskivers at a time. Kids and adults alike will be delighted when these puffy pancake balls emerge from the pan.

Fill your ebelskivers with sweet or savory ingredients like jam, chocolate chips, ham and cheese, fresh fruit, spinach and feta, or whatever you crave. Top with a dusting of powdered sugar, drizzle of maple syrup, or dollop of sour cream.

The nonstick interior allows the pancake batter to easily release for consistently golden results. This pan makes enjoying authentic Danish ebelskivers simple and fun.

Even Heating Cast Aluminum Construction

The Nordic Ware Ebelskiver Pan is constructed from durable cast aluminum that provides excellent heat conduction. The aluminum heats up rapidly and distributes heat evenly across the cooking surface.

This allows the ebelskiver batter to cook through without hot or cold spots. Cast aluminum is also lightweight and easy to handle when flipping and turning the pancakes during cooking.

The 9.5 inch round pan is just the right size to yield 7 nicely sized ebelskiver spheres with crispy edges. Treat your family to delicious homemade Danish pancakes using this specialized pan.

Cook and Serve with Ease

A few features make using the Nordic Ware Ebelskiver Pan exceptionally easy and convenient. The premium nonstick coating allows the pancake batter to slide out of the indentations with a flick of the wrist. No need to scrape out pancakes or clean a messy pan after cooking.

The integrated phenolic handle stays cool while cooking at high heat. You can comfortably flip and turn the ebelskivers to achieve ideal golden brown coloring on all sides. A helper handle provides extra support and balance when moving the pan.

This ebelskiver pan is lightweight enough for kids to handle with supervision. Teach your little ones to make these fun pancake balls as a weekend cooking activity.

The pan is also dishwasher safe to simplify cleanup after serving up stacks of delicious ebelskivers. Hand washing is recommended to maintain the nonstick coating.

Get Creative with Sweet & Savory Fillings

While traditional ebelskivers are filled with fruit jam or chocolate chips, the possibilities are endless when making your own. Try creative combinations like:

Sweet Ebelskivers:
– Lemon curd and blueberries
– Strawberry jam and whipped cream
– Peanut butter and banana
– Cinnamon apple compote
– Mocha chip

Savory Ebelskivers:
– Ham, egg, and cheese
– Mexican chorizo and peppers
– Spinach, tomato, and feta
– Broccoli and cheddar
– Pulled pork with BBQ sauce

The spherical shape of ebelskivers makes them perfect for stuffing with sweet or savory fillings. kids love the novelty of popping the entire pancake ball in their mouth.

Serve ebelskivers for breakfast alongside bacon and fruit, for dessert with ice cream, or as appetizers at your next party. They’re sure to be a hit!

Bring the Fun of Danish Ebelskivers to Your Kitchen

The Nordic Ware Ebelskiver Pan makes enjoying authentic spherical ebelskivers easy and fun right at home. The cast aluminum pan cooks up 7 perfect orb-shaped pancakes with delightfully crispy edges and fluffy, airy centers.

Fill your ebelskivers with sweet jams and fruits or savory meats, veggies and cheeses for a uniquely delicious breakfast, snack, or dessert. This specialty pan opens up a world of possibilities beyond ordinary pancakes. Click Add to Cart now to explore traditional Danish cooking!


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