PELONIS 12-Inch Oscillating Table Fan – Powerful Portable Electric Fan for Cooling Small Spaces


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Beat the heat with the PELONIS 12-Inch Oscillating Table Fan. This compact yet powerful electric fan delivers cooling breezes right where you need them most. With 3-speed settings and 90° wide oscillation, it circulates ample air to create a comfortable environment in small to medium rooms.

The specially-designed blades and high-quality AC motor generate an intense airflow that makes hot spots feel up to 10°F cooler. Despite its robust power, the table fan operates whisper-quiet so you can get relief from heat without noisy disruptions.

This portable fan is ideal for desktops, nightstands, RV tables, kitchen counters, office desks, and other flat surfaces. Adjust the tilt angle and aim the breeze where desired. The lightweight plastic housing allows you to move the fan anywhere a cooling boost is needed.

Keep reading for an overview of the top features of the PELONIS 12-Inch Oscillating Table Fan:

Key Features

Compact Yet Powerful – Robust AC motor and 3 optimized blades generate an intense, focused airflow perfect for small to medium rooms up to 250 sq. ft.

3 Speed Settings – Low, medium and high settings let you customize the amount of cooling breeze. Find the perfect fan speed for your comfort.

Wide 90° Oscillation – Wider oscillation efficiently circulates air throughout the room so you feel cooler even at a distance.

Adjustable Tilt – Aim the airflow up or down for targeted cooling where you need it. Tilt the fan and feel an instant blast of coolness.

Whisper-Quiet – Provides powerful cooling airflow while operating at low decibel levels for undisruptive operation.

Portable & Lightweight – At just 5.5 lbs, it’s easy to move the fan to any room where cooling relief is desired.

ETL Certified – Meets the highest electrical safety standards for performance you can trust.

Powerful & Quiet Desktop Cooling

Don’t sweat through another hot day at your desk! The PELONIS Table Fan directs a robust yet quiet breeze right where you sit, keeping you cool and comfortable as you work. The compact 12-inch size takes up minimal space yet delivers major air power thanks to the specially-designed blades and durable motor.

With 3 speed options, you can customize the amount of airflow. Low setting is perfect for light cooling needs while high mode provides an intense blast of air circulation. The wide oscillation spreads refreshing breezes throughout your whole workspace.

No more sweating through video conferences on hot days. This whisper-quiet fan circulates air without disrupting your concentration. The adjustable tilt lets you angle the breeze directly on your body for instant cooling when you need it most.

Cool Down Bedrooms & Living Spaces

Bedrooms and living rooms heat up fast during summer months. Place the PELONIS Table Fan in the corner of your bedroom and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep in a cooler environment. The low decibel operation won’t disturb your rest.

In the living room, turn the fan on high speed and direct the wide oscillating breeze throughout the whole seating area so the space feels open and airy. The white noise from the fan can help block outside distractions for greater relaxation.

Wherever you need a cooling boost, this portable electric fan delivers. The plastic housing is easy to wipe clean and won’t corrode from exposure to moisture. Experience refreshing relief from heat all summer long!

Lightweight Design & Easy Operation

Thanks to its lightweight plastic construction, the PELONIS Table Fan is easy for anyone to use. Weighing just 5.5 lbs, even kids can move it from room to room. Assembly takes just minutes without tools – simply attach the base and plug into any 120V outlet.

An integrated carry handle makes the fan easy to reposition wherever air circulation is needed. The control panel features 3 speed modes plus oscillation on/off control. Just press buttons to adjust the fan speed, angle and oscillation as desired.

While operating, the front safety grill prevents fingers from contacting the enclosed blades for safe usage around children and pets. Use this portable electric fan to stay comfortable in any room year-round!

Enjoy Cooling Comfort All Year

Don’t reserve this table fan just for summer! It provides targeted heating relief anytime temperatures spike indoors:

  • Summer – Keep the fan by your bed for restful sleep on hot humid nights.
  • Fall – Circulate the heat from your fireplace or space heater throughout the room.
  • Winter – Stay cool if the thermostat gets overadjusted or pipes start banging.
  • Spring – Get relief from temperature swings on warmer transitional days.

With its ENERGY STAR-rated efficiency, the PELONIS Table Fan helps cut energy costs all year. Save money on your utility bills by using this fan to keep cool instead of turning down the thermostat. It also reduces the runtime of more expensive air conditioning units.

Trusted Quality & Support

With over 25 years of experience, PELONIS is dedicated to providing safe and reliable comfort solutions for your home. This oscillating table fan is ETL certified to meet the latest quality and safety standards. It comes backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Known for quality and innovation, PELONIS products are trusted by millions worldwide. Bring reliable cooling comfort into your home with the PELONIS 12-Inch Table Fan today!


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