Radiant Holiday Cheer – 40ft Waterproof LED Christmas Globe String Lights




Make the season sparkle with these remote-controlled LED globe string lights! With 40ft of coverage and 80 brilliant bulbs, these holiday lights create a magical atmosphere indoors or out.

The crystal globes illuminate in your choice of multicolor or warm white light. Use the included remote to switch between 11 mesmerizing color changing modes, adjust brightness, set timers, and more.

With convenient USB power and a weather-resistant design, these LED globe lights bring festive ambience anywhere. Display them year-round to instantly lift any space with cozy, vibrant style!

Dazzling Colors & Modes for Every Occasion

What’s better than string lights that offer both colorful and classic white modes? With the remote, toggle between warm white and multicolor settings.

The color changing mode cycles through 11 different combinations, like slow fading, flashing, alternating, and more. From holidays to birthdays, these globe string lights transform any room with festivity.

Hang them on a Christmas tree for rainbow cheer or above a dining table for lively ambience. Their versatility allows you to mix and match colors for any special event.

Soft, Sparkling Illumination Across 40ft

With 40 feet of cord length, these LED string lights provide ample coverage for decorating patios, bedrooms, staircases, desks, and Christmas trees up to 6 feet tall.

The 80 super bright mini globe bulbs are evenly spaced along the way. Each plastic globe diffuses the light for a refined sparkle, with a 0.9 inch diameter that adds charming scale.

At just the right brightness, the lights give a cozy, welcoming glow without being overpowering. They’re perfect for bringing a warm ambience to any space year-round.

Convenient Remote Control

The included remote control makes operating these string lights easy and intuitive. Select between color changing or white modes, adjust 4 brightness levels, set 1/2/4/8 hour auto shut-off timers, and use memory function to recall your favorite settings.

No more fiddling with tiny inline control boxes! The remote allows you to conveniently customize the lights from a distance – turn them on/off, set the perfect brightness, schedule automatic runtimes, and more.

Position the lights anywhere without worrying about access to controls. The remote pairs with a range of 30+ feet.

Plug-in Adapter for Indoor & Outdoor Use

These globe string lights plug into a standard outlet with the included 5V USB power adapter. With easy plug-in operation, you can move the lights anywhere – bedrooms, patios, hallways, and more.

The attached dimmer switch allows you to smoothly brighten or dim the lights without the remote. Leave it on your desired setting for continuous ambience.

While the lights themselves are waterproof, the adapter should be kept indoors and dry. When using outdoors, we recommend connecting the adapter to an outdoor outlet cover to prevent moisture damage.

Durable Waterproof Design

Encased in clear plastic globes, the mini LED bulbs withstand wear from weather and everyday use. The lights are rated IP44 waterproof, making them suitable for indoor and covered outdoor spaces.

While the string lights themselves can get wet, keep the adapter dry and avoid submerging the entire strand underwater. The perfect weatherproof accent lighting to decorate porches, patios, pergolas, and backyards.

Give Any Space an Instant Glow Up!

With multicolor and white modes, these remote-controlled string lights instantly liven up bedrooms, dorms, Christmas trees, backyards, weddings, parties, restaurants, and more.

Use them year-round to highlight stairs, desks, headboards, windows, balconies, and bookshelves. The possibilities are endless with 40 feet of vibrant, customizable lighting.

Transform any space with cozy, festive ambience! These LED globe string lights make stunning holiday décor, and their versatility allows you to use them daily as mood lighting.

We’ve Got Your Back!

We stand behind our string lights with a 45-day money back guarantee and 12 month replacement warranty. That means if anything goes wrong or you simply don’t love them, just send them back for a full refund or free replacements. With quality materials built to last, we’re confident these are the perfect lights to illuminate any space!


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