Redchef Ceramic Nonstick Deep Frying Pan – Non Toxic 12 Inch Skillet for Versatile Meal Prep




Unlock healthier cooking and easier clean up with the Redchef Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan. This 12 inch non stick pan is coated in a PFOA-free ceramic that allows you to cook with less oil while still delivering nonstick performance that slides food right off the surface.

Superior Nonstick Performance

The Redchef pan boasts exceptional nonstick abilities thanks to its ceramic coated surface. Food effortlessly releases from the pan, making flipping, tossing, and plating your dishes a breeze. The smooth nonstick finish also means you can cook with less butter or oil than traditional pans. This allows for more health-conscious cooking so you can feel good about the meals you’re making for yourself and your family.

PFOA-Free Ceramic Coating

Many nonstick pans rely on chemical nonstick coatings like PFOA that raise health concerns when consuming food cooked on these surfaces. The Redchef pan uses an innovative ceramic nonstick coating that is completely PFOA-free. This means you don’t have to worry about exposure to harmful chemicals leaching into your food when cooking. The ceramic coating offers all the benefits of nonstick convenience without the worrisome health effects of traditional materials.

Versatile and Deep Design

This pan features a generous 12 inch diameter cooking surface with deep, angled sides. The ample pan size provides plenty of room for cooking larger dishes or batched meal prep recipes. The deep sides are perfect for tossing vegetables, frying chicken, simmering sauces, and more without spillover. You’ll love the versatile shape that transitions seamlessly from stovetop to oven up to 400°F.

All-Stove Compatibility

No matter what type of stovetop you have, this pan can handle the heat. It’s designed for optimal performance and safety across gas, electric, and induction ranges so you can use it on any cooktop in your home. The aluminum core ensures fast, even heating no matter which heat source you use. Enjoy the convenience of a single pan that works for all your cooking needs.

Durable Construction

While the ceramic nonstick coating delivers effortless food release, the pan itself is crafted to last. Made from heavy-duty aluminum with a steel induction plate encapsulated in the base, it’s built with durability in mind. The sturdy construction stands up to the rigors of daily cooking while resisting warping. It’s finished with a striking diamond textured pattern for a sleek look.

Easy Clean Up

One of the best parts about a good nonstick pan is the simple cleanup. Food residue easily wipes away with a soft sponge and warm water. It takes just seconds to clean, avoiding the chore of excessive scrubbing. The ceramic coating is also scratch-resistant, so you don’t have to baby this pan. Let soap and water do the dirty work!

Oven Safe

The Redchef ceramic frying pan is oven safe up to 400°F, allowing you to start a dish on the stovetop then finish cooking it in the oven. The handy oven-safe handle provides a worry-free grip when transferring the hot pan in and out of the oven.

Cool Touch Handle

The ergonomic Bakelite handle ensures a secure, slip-free grip when cooking. It also stays cool to the touch, protecting hands from burns while handling the pan. No more oven mitts needed!

Glass Lid Included

A handy glass lid is included to transform this frying pan into a covered skillet for steaming, braising, and more cooking techniques. The clear lid allows you to monitor food without releasing heat and moisture. It features an easy-grip knob that stays cool while cooking.

Dishwasher Safe

While the ceramic nonstick coating makes washing by hand a breeze, this pan is also dishwasher safe for added convenience. The durable construction holds up well to high heat dishwasher cycles.

Loved by Customers

With an average rating of 4.5 stars from over 2,000 reviews, it’s clear this Redchef frying pan is a customer favorite. Users rave about the easy food release, quick clean up, and quality performance that makes cooking a pleasure. Many reviewers report purchasing multiples to outfit their entire kitchen.

We Stand Behind Our Product

Redchef offers a 60-day money back guarantee so you can try out this ceramic nonstick pan risk-free. We’re confident you’ll love the cooking experience this pan provides. Its superior nonstick abilities, versatile design, and durable craftsmanship make it a kitchen staple you’ll reach for again and again.

Unlock healthier, nonstick cooking with the Redchef Ceramic Frying Pan today!


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