Simple Deluxe 2 Panels Set Blackout Window Curtain – Elegant Light-Blocking Thermal Insulated Curtains for Bedroom, Living Room, and More


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Give your home an instant style upgrade with the Simple Deluxe 2 Panels Set Blackout Window Curtain. Crafted from high-quality 100% polyester, these elegant curtains effortlessly block light while providing insulation, noise reduction, energy savings, and privacy.

Superior Light Blocking

If you struggle to sleep in or take an afternoon nap because of bright sunlight pouring into your room, these blackout curtains are for you. The rich, tightly woven polyester material blocks 99% of light from entering your space, allowing you to truly darken any room. The blackout effect helps regulate melatonin production, enabling more sound sleep. Or if you just want to enjoy a movie night without glare on the TV, these curtains have you covered.

Innovative Thermal Insulation

Unlike regular curtains, these blackout curtains provide an extra layer of insulation between window glass and your room. The dense polyester material traps heat during colder months and keeps rooms cooler during warmer months, helping regulate indoor temperatures and reduce energy costs from heating and AC.

Effective Noise Reduction

Do outside sounds like traffic or a noisy neighbor disrupt your peace at home? The innovative polyester material and side hem weights minimize outside noise penetration, making these curtains ideal for bedrooms, nurseries, or anywhere quiet is desired.

Premium Construction & Stylish Design

These blackout curtains feature premium construction with 6 elegant metal grommets across the top hem to provide a refined, upscale look. The grommets have a 1.6-inch inner diameter to easily accommodate most curtain rods. Each curtain panel measures 42 inches wide by 63 inches long,filtering light and insulating two average-sized windows when both panels are used.

Choose from multiple rich, neutral colors like grey, brown, or terra cotta to match any room décor. The curtains drape beautifully with a subtle sheen and come pre-hemmed with neat side hems for quick hanging.

Versatile Use

Use these stylish yet functional blackout curtains anywhere you want to filter light, reduce noise, retain heat or cold, and enhance privacy:

– Bedrooms – sleep better and wake up refreshed without morning light disruption
– Home theater rooms – eliminate screen glare for optimal movie viewing
– Nurseries and kids’ rooms – naptime and bedtime become easier
– Rental properties and apartments – provide light and noise control for tenants
– Living rooms – transform into a relaxation space free from harsh light
– Offices – increase focus without visual distractions from windows
– College dorms – sleep, study, or relax in peaceful darkness

Easy Care

These blackout curtains are conveniently machine washable for easy cleaning. Just use cold or warm water on a gentle cycle. Tumble dry low or hang dry. You can also gently iron on low heat as needed.

The polyester material is wrinkle resistant so the curtains maintain their tailored look. It’s also lint- and snag-resistant for durability.

Reliable Quality

With over 5,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, you can trust the Simple Deluxe blackout curtains to transform any space. They provide exceptional light filtering, insulation, noise reduction, and style. All with a manufacturer’s risk-free satisfaction guarantee.

Product Details:

– Set includes 2 panels
– Dimensions (each): 42″ W x 63″ L
– Material: 100% polyester
– 6 metal grommets for hanging
– Light blocking, insulating, noise reducing
– Machine washable, wrinkle resistant
– Available in grey, brown, terra cotta, and more

Give your rooms a stylish refresh with the premium comfort of Simple Deluxe Blackout Curtains. Just click Add to Cart now to get these versatile light-blocking curtains!


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