Snuggle Up with Sunny the Soothing Weighted Sea Turtle from MEAVIA


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At the end of a long day, there’s nothing better than cuddling up with a soft, squishy companion. Introducing Sunny, the sensory-rich weighted sea turtle from MEAVIA’s FEELix collection. This multi-functional plush pal provides the perfect calming experience for kids and adults alike.

An Adorable Huggable Friend

One look at Sunny’s smiling face and bright, cheery colors is enough to lift anyone’s mood. This stuffed animal is irresistibly cuddly, encouraging you to pick him up for a big hug. At three pounds, Sunny has the ideal heft to make you feel calm, comforted and content when holding him in your lap.

Sensory elements like Sunny’s squishy fabric, smooth shell texture and marble fidget tail provide soothing tactile stimulation for hands and fingers. Sunny makes a wonderful companion whether you’re relaxing at home, traveling or simply need a fidget toy to focus your mind.

Weighted Lap Pad for Serenity

Sunny doubles as a cozy weighted lap pad when his shell is attached. The three pound weight is evenly distributed throughout his body and feet to surround your legs with gentle, grounding pressure. The calming effect helps relax the nervous system, relieve stress, improve focus and encourage restful sleep.

Let the soft plush fabric soothe you while watching TV, reading a book, working on your laptop or during study time. The lap pad is also ideal in the car, where the weight and tactile stimulation can have a balancing effect during travel.

Detachable Sensory Pillow

Unclip Sunny’s shell to reveal a sensory pillow perfect for hands-on fidgeting and fine motor skills development. The shell itself becomes a lap pad covered in contrasting fabrics like velour dots, satin ribbons, mesh and crinkly foil.

Rotate the pillow to discover new tactile elements to explore. The colorful clips that attach the shell are great for practicing hand-eye coordination and dexterity. Mix and match the pieces to create your own unique sensory lap pal.

Premium Quality Materials

Sunny is handcrafted from superior fabrics selected specifically for their therapeutic benefits. The shell and body feature durable, non-toxic polyethylene beads to provide even weight distribution. Parents can feel confident knowing all materials are tested for safety and durability.

Vibrant dyes and meticulous stitching ensure Sunny will maintain his bright, cheerful appearance through countless snuggles. While perfectly suitable for kids, his sophisticated design makes Sunny a sensory toy anyone can enjoy.

The Perfect Companion

Sunny makes a wonderful companion for:

– Children with autism, ADHD or anxiety who need soothing sensory input.

– Older kids and adults who enjoy fidget toys to help them focus and decompress.

– Anyone seeking the comfort and security of a weighted lap pad.

– Families looking for a toy that provides flexibility and versatility.

– Travelers who want a portable calming companion on the go.

– Special needs classrooms and therapy offices.

A Thoughtful Gift

Delight a special child in your life with the gift of Sunny. This therapeutic toy demonstrates how much you care about their needs. Sunny even comes with a letter you can personalize to introduce him as the newest member of their family!

With unconditional affection and calming sensory qualities, Sunny promises to become a fast friend. His ability to transform from lap pad to pillow provides endless options for soothing sensory play.

Bring home the sunshine with MEAVIA’s Sunny the Sea Turtle today!


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