Soft and Modern Abstract Area Rug – Neutral Grey Washable Carpet for Living Rooms, Bedrooms, and Beyond




Refresh your home decor with the effortlessly stylish look of this modern abstract area rug. Available in a versatile neutral grey hue, this low pile rug infuses any room with subtle style and plush softness. The abstract wavy pattern and muted color scheme work in today’s contemporary spaces as well as farmhouse, industrial, Scandinavian, and other stylish interior designs.

Plush Soft Pile Feel

Step onto cloud-like softness with this wonderfully plush area rug. It features a short, dense pile made from faux rabbit fur fibers. The soft fuzzy fibers feel amazing underfoot, cushioning your every step. Kids and pets will love lounging, sitting, and playing on this cozy area rug thanks to its heavenly soft pile.

Non-Skid Backing

The rug’s backing is made from grippy TPE material that prevents sliding on hard floors. The non-skid surface keeps the rug firmly in place rather than slipping around underfoot. No rug pad is required, making this a great convenient option for bedrooms, living rooms, nurseries, and more.

Abstract Wave Pattern

An abstract wavy pattern gives this area rug contemporary style that works in many home decor schemes. The subtle neutral grey and white color palette blend seamlessly into both cool-toned modern rooms and warm boho spaces alike. The abstract design’s simple elegance lets it complement your existing furnishings without competing.

5 x 7 ft Standard Size

With dimensions of 5 x 7 ft, this area rug fits in front of sofas, underneath cocktail tables and dining sets, next to beds, and in other standard spaces. The versatile medium size provides just the right amount of coverage without overwhelming the room. Use it to define sitting areas in large open concept living rooms or bedrooms.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

Built from durable synthetic fibers, this modern rug is made to withstand daily wear and tear. It’s kid and pet-friendly, resisting stains, shedding, and pilling. The short pile construction prevents vacuums from snagging. When it’s time to deep clean, just remove the rug and wash on a gentle cycle using cold water and mild detergent. Hang or lay flat to dry.

Soft and Safe for Bedrooms

Give your bedroom a relaxed modern update with this plush area rug at your feet. The soft low pile feels wonderful to walk on barefoot in the mornings and evenings. Place it on both sides of the bed so you can get out of bed and start your days with a touch of cozy luxury.

Nursery Rug

Outfit baby’s nursery in softness with this modern abstract area rug. Its cushy pile provides a nice play surface for tummy time and other infant activities. The neutral coloring easily pairs with vibrant hues found in many nurseries. It also hides stains so you don’t have to stress over inevitable messes.

Dining Room Rug

Define your dining space and add a stylish touch to mealtimes with this neutral abstract rug underfoot. It brings warmth and texture to hard surface flooring. The low profile pile allows dining chairs to glide smoothly. Stains wipe away easily so the rug maintains its like-new look.

Home Office Carpet

Upgrade your home office with this chic and professional area rug. It adds a polished touch without going overboard. Place it underneath your desk chair to ease long hours at your computer. The softness alleviates fatigue from standing and sitting all day as you work.

Entryway and Hallway Runner

Welcome guests to your home with this plush and pretty abstract rug in your entry. Its neutral versatility complements any style entryway decor. Place it outside the front door to catch dirt and absorb moisture from shoes. Extend it down hallways to soften high-traffic paths.

Laundry Room Accent

Even utilitarian laundry rooms deserve a bit of style. This modern low pile rug brings visual interest to boring laundry spaces. The muted gray color hides lint, dust, and other debris that inevitably collect in laundry rooms. Toss it in the wash anytime it needs refreshing.

Elevate your decor with the modern elegance and plush comfort of this neutral abstract area rug. Designed to suit a variety of styles and spaces, it’s ideal for refreshing rooms across your home.


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