Staub Ceramics Covered Brie Baker – Bake and Serve Artisanal Cheese


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Bake and present artisanal cheese creations with elegant flair using the Staub Ceramics Covered Brie Baker. Perfect for melting and serving impressive baked brie, this covered baker transitions beautifully from oven to table.

Made from durable stoneware with Staub’s signature matte enameling, this brie baker diffuses heat gently and evenly for perfect cheese baking. The smooth polished bottom protects tables and cooktops from scratches.

Beautiful Enameled Stoneware

Staub utilizes strong stoneware clay and coats it with a smooth porcelain enamel finish. This matte black enameling is highly resistant to scratches, stains, and cracks.

The enameling helps the baker retain heat beautifully and diffuse it evenly across the surface. Cheese bakes gradually to ooey-gooey perfection.

The refined black finish and generous handles give this baker an elegant presentation. Use it to bake brie, camembert, or any soft cheese creation.

Superior Baking for Soft Cheeses

The ceramic stoneware construction provides excellent heat retention and distribution. Cheeses bake gently without burning or drying out.

Place a whole wheel of brie or camembert in the base, add your desired toppings, then cover to trap in warmth. The domed lid holds in moisture as the cheese softens.

Take your baked brie up a notch by topping it with nuts, fruit preserves, honey, or fresh herbs before baking. The possibilities are endless.

Great for Dips and Fondues Too

In addition to baking impressive artisanal cheeses, this covered baker works great for serving warm dips and fondues.

Make a decadent spinach and artichoke dip, warm it in the oven, then bring to the table in the baker for guests to enjoy with breads and crackers.

You can also use it for chocolate fondue. Simply melt chocolate in the baker, then keep it warmed over a burner to dip fruit and treats.

Safe for Oven, Broiler, and Table

The enameled stoneware construction makes this brie baker safe for oven, broiler, microwave, and freezer use up to 572°F.

Bake your cheese creations until perfectly melted, then transition the hot baker to the table for guests to enjoy. The handles allow for safe, easy transport from oven to table.

This also means you can prep cheeses or dips in advance and freeze them until you’re ready to reheat and serve.

Low Maintenance Cleaning

The durable enameled exterior protects the stoneware from stains and odors. It cleans up easily by hand or in the dishwasher.

The smooth polished base prevents scratches on countertops if placing the hot baker on your table or kitchen surface. No need for extra trivets or hot pads.

After serving baked brie or melting chocolate, simply wash the baker by hand or toss it in the dishwasher. The enamel will not absorb or transfer food odors or stains.

Versatile Size

With an 8 inch diameter cooking surface, this baker offers ample room for different cheeses, dips, and fondues while still providing an elegant presentation.

It can hold a full 8-ounce wheel of brie or camembert for baking evenly until melted all the way through. Both the base and lid feature handles for easy transport.

Use this versatile baker for potlucks, dinner parties, date nights, or holiday gatherings. The stylish enameled stoneware is sure to impress guests.

Feature Highlights

  • Durable enameled stoneware construction
  • Matte black porcelain enamel finish
  • Excellent heat retention and distribution
  • Oven, broiler, microwave, and freezer safe
  • Polished bottom protects surfaces from scratches
  • Easy maneuvering with large handles
  • Hand wash or dishwasher safe
  • Measures 8 x 6 inches

Bake Impressive Cheeses with Ease

Impress guests at your next dinner party with perfectly melted baked brie or camembert using the Staub Covered Brie Baker. This elegant enameled stoneware baker transitions beautifully from oven to table for show-stopping presentation.


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