Stay Toasty with the TABYIK Personal Space Heater




Cold feet? Chilly hands? Brrrr – it’s time to warm up with the TABYIK Personal Space Heater! This compact powerhouse provides targeted heat just where you need it most.

Stop shivering and enjoy cozy warmth with this safe, efficient heater designed for personal use. The TABYIK Space Heater quickly takes the bite out of frosty mornings, long winter nights, and overly air-conditioned offices.

With advanced heating technology, oscillating design, and built-in safety features, this mighty mini heater packs a big warming punch. Experience luxurious comfort and savings without cranking up your home’s heat.

Fast, High-Efficiency Heating

The TABYIK Space Heater features an advanced PTC ceramic heating element and high-speed fan to deliver heat fast. In seconds, this personal heater starts pumping out a wind of warming air to surround you in heat.

PTC ceramic heating provides rapid heat and maintains an even, comfortable temperature. It heats up quicker and more efficiently than old-fashioned space heaters.

The swift-spinning fan circulates the hot air widely to fill your personal space with glorious warmth. Enjoy heat that reaches you rapidly so you don’t have to endure bone-chilling cold.

45° Oscillation for Expanded Coverage

With most space heaters, you need to sit right in front of them to feel any warmth. But the TABYIK Space Heater oscillates 45° to spread heat over a wider area.

The smooth rotation distributes heat evenly throughout your surroundings. No more having to stay fixed in one frigid spot!

Oscillation also helps prevent the dry, stuffy air you get from non-oscillating heaters. This mini heater gently circulates fresh heat to enliven your personal space.

Hushed Heating for Peaceful Comfort

Trying to sleep next to noisy space heaters that drone on all night? The subtle shhhhh of the TABYIK Space Heater lets you rest easy.

Engineered for quiet operation with an advanced motor and fan, it hums along at less than 40 decibels. That’s quieter than a library!

Keep this personal heater in your bedroom for nighttime warmth that won’t disturb your sleep. Its unobtrusive operation lets you enjoy peaceful slumber in cozy comfort.

Cooling Fan Setting for Year-Round Use

Don’t stash away your TABYIK Space Heater when winter ends! Use the fan-only setting for a cool breeze during warmer months.

With its dual heating and fan modes, this versatile unit brings comfort all year long. Stay calm and carry on even when your office, classroom, or commute overheats.

The TABYIK Space Heater works overtime as a personal fan to keep you refreshed in stuffy spaces. Enjoy customized comfort 24/7/365.

Compact Size, Built-in Handle for Portability

Measuring just 5.5 x 3.4 x 7.8 inches, this mighty mini unit takes up minimal space. Tuck it under your desk to warm your toes or set it on the nightstand to take the chill off.

The built-in handle makes it easy to pick up and move around your bedroom, living room, home office, or workspace to warm just the spots you occupy. Customized heating follows you anywhere!

Don’t waste energy and money heating empty rooms. With its portable size, the TABYIK Space Heater lets you heat yourself, not your whole house.

Advanced Safety Features for Peace of Mind

The TABYIK Space Heater provides safe, worry-free operation thanks to a suite of safety features:

– Flame-retardant material prevents fire hazards

– Tip-over auto shut-off prevents accidents if knocked over

– Overheat protection shuts off the heater if it gets too hot

– Cool-down mode lets the heating element cool gradually

– Anti-scald net prevents touching hot surfaces

– ETL certification ensures the heater meets the latest safety standards

With multiple built-in safety guards, you can relax knowing this mini heater is designed for safe personal heating.

Energy Efficient for Savings

Watch your energy bill drop when you switch to the TABYIK Space Heater! By heating just your personal space instead of your whole house, this mini unit saves a bundle on electricity.

PTC ceramic heating maximizes energy efficiency to keep costs down. Just pennies a day provides hours of glorious heat.

The compact size lets you easily move it from room to room so you’re not wasting money warming unused areas. Target the heat where you need it to slash your power bills.

Cozy, Customized Warmth at Your Fingertips

Stay toasty without cranking up the thermostat with the TABYIK Personal Space Heater! It delivers fast, efficient, customized warmth right where you need it.

With its combination of advanced heating technology, smooth oscillation, ultra-quiet fan, built-in safety, and portable size, this mini-mighty heater is a smart solution for personalized heating.

Give your feet and hands a reprieve from the cold and save on energy costs. The TABYIK Space Heater is your new secret weapon against wintry chills!


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