StorageWorks Water Hyacinth Toilet Paper Basket – Eco-Friendly Wicker Storage Bin with Handles for Bathroom Countertops


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Declutter your bathroom counters with the natural charm of the StorageWorks Water Hyacinth Toilet Paper Basket. Handwoven from renewable water hyacinth, this eco-friendly storage bin adds warmth and texture to your space. The built-in handles allow for easy transfer and concealed TP storage beside the toilet.

Natural Water Hyacinth Storage Basket

The StorageWorks toilet paper basket is expertly handwoven from natural water hyacinth stems. This renewable aquatic plant is harvested sustainably without chemicals. The woven texture adds organic flair that complements any decor style from modern to farmhouse.

Complements Your Decor

Available in a warm natural tan hue, this storage basket blends seamlessly into bathrooms. The neutral color works well with color schemes of all shades. The organic look acts as a unique focal point atop countertops yet doesn’t visually overwhelm.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Water hyacinth is an abundant, fast-growing aquatic plant. Harvesting it helps eliminate invasive growth in many regions. The production process is free of harmful chemicals, making water hyacinth a sustainable and environmentally friendly material.

Convenient Built-In Handles

Two built-in handles allow you to easily transfer the toilet paper basket around your bathroom. Each handle is composed of two sturdy hyacinth stems looped through the side weaving. Pick up and go with ease!

Discreetly Store Extra Rolls

Keep spare toilet paper discretely stored but within arm’s reach. Place this storage bin beside or behind your toilet to stash backup rolls out of sight. The neutral tan color helps the basket blend in seamlessly.

Hide Wires & Cords

Is your bathroom full of tangled wires and cords from electric toothbrushes, razors, blow dryers, etc? Use the StorageWorks basket to neatly conceal these unsightly cords and create a tidier space.

Organize Bathroom Essentials

This woven basket isn’t just for toilet paper! Use it to organize all kinds of items around the bathroom:

  • Potted succulents, mini cacti, or air plants
  • Rolled washcloths and hand towels
  • Candles, diffusers, matches
  • Cotton pads, cotton swabs, bandages
  • Hair brushes, combs, elastics
  • Extra soaps, lotions, sanitizers

Keep these everyday essentials at your fingertips without cluttering up the counters.

Handy Kitchen Storage

The StorageWorks basket also transitions beautifully into kitchens. Use it to store:

  • Paper towel and napkin rolls
  • Spices, seasonings, condiments
  • Foil, plastic wrap, baggies
  • Fruit on the counter or table
  • Utensils like wooden spoons and spatulas

Versatile Woven Basket

The simple woven design works well in any room of the house. In the bedroom, use this multifunctional basket for extra throw blankets, pillows, or laundry. In the office, neatly organize pens, pads, tapes, and other desk supplies.

Easy Care & Maintenance

The tightly woven hyacinth stems are naturally water resistant to prevent warping. However, take care not to soak this basket. Simply wipe clean with a soft damp cloth when needed. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive brushes.

With its sustainable design and versatile uses, the StorageWorks Water Hyacinth Toilet Paper Basket is a warm and welcome addition to your home. Order this eco-friendly organizer today!


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