TECHEF Stovetop Indoor Korean BBQ Grill Pan – Nonstick PFOA Free Dishwasher Safe Grill for Authentic BBQ at Home


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Sizzle up authentic Korean BBQ right on your stovetop with the TECHEF Stovetop Indoor Korean BBQ Grill Pan. This heavy-duty grill pan is specially designed to deliver the char and caramelization of an outdoor grill indoors.

Forged from thick, commercial-grade 3004 aluminum, this BBQ grill pan distributes heat evenly across the entire cooking surface. The unique swirling channels help drain excess fat and grease away from your food, resulting in healthier BBQ meats with bold, smoky flavors.

Whether you’re cooking bulgogi, kalbi, samgyeopsal, or galbi, this KBBQ grill pan has the performance to rival an outdoor grill. The durable nonstick coating is PFOA-free and lets you cook with little to no oil. Meats come out tender and juicy, while veggies get nice char marks.

Even Heating and Superior Heat Retention

The heavy-gauge aluminum construction allows this Korean BBQ grill pan to retain high heat incredibly well. The aluminum distributes heat evenly across the ridged cooking surface, eliminating annoying hot spots. Meats and veggies cook nice and even without burning.

The excellent heat conduction also lets you get that coveted grill char on meats and veggies. High ridges allow melted fat and grease to drain away, giving food a healthier cooking process.

Unique Grease Draining Channels

One standout feature of this indoor BBQ pan is the unique grease draining system. The swirling channels are specially designed to let excess oils and melted fat drain away from your food while cooking.

This gives your BBQ meats and veggies a healthier cooking process. Food gets seared by high heat while grease drips down the channels. Your bulgogi and kalbi come out tender and juicy, not sitting in puddles of grease.

Nonstick PFOA-Free Grill Surface

The durable nonstick coating lets your spatula glide easily across the surface while flipping BBQ meats with ease. It provides excellent food release, so BBQ dishes come out looking beautiful without sticking.

Unlike some grill pans, the nonstick coating on this TECHEF model is PFOA-free. It’s made without toxic PFOA chemicals, so you can cook worry-free. The nonstick holds up incredibly well over time.

Oven and Dishwasher Safe

The TECHEF Stovetop Grill Pan transitions seamlessly from stovetop to oven up to 450°F. You can start meats and veggies on the stove over high heat to get char marks, then transfer the pan right to the oven.

This indoor BBQ pan is also dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze after dinner parties or busy weeknights. The durable nonstick releases cooked-on foods for quick cleaning.

Authentic Korean BBQ at Home

This stovetop grill pan makes it easy to enjoy sizzling Korean BBQ cuisine in your own kitchen. Fire up the pan to high heat and cook marinated bulgogi, kalbi short ribs, spicy pork belly, shrimp, or vegetables.

The ribbed cooking surface gives food attractive char lines like a real grill. Serve DIY Korean BBQ on this hot grill pan family-style for an interactive dining experience.

The flat bottom works on all stovetop types, including induction. Bring the flavors of Korea home with less mess and no fussy setup.


  • Dimensions: 20 x 10 x 1.5 inches
  • Material: Heavy-gauge 3004 aluminum
  • Stovetop and oven safe up to 450°F
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Swirling grease draining channels
  • Nonstick PFOA-free grill coating
  • Made in Korea

Get Grilling Tonight

Take your homemade Korean BBQ nights to new levels with the commercial-grade TECHEF Stovetop Grill Pan. This heavy-duty ridged grill pan delivers high heat performance for BBQ that rivals an outdoor grill.

The unique grease draining channels give you healthier BBQ meats and veggies with authentic char lines. Made from thick aluminum that distributes heat evenly, this stovetop grill pan will become your new favorite for indoor Korean BBQ.


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