Transform Any Space into a Fragrant Oasis with this Lavender Jasmine Lemongrass Reed Diffuser Set




Escape to a fragrant oasis with this beautifully crafted 3 pack reed diffuser gift set. Each hand blown glass bottle contains 50mL of uplifting and refreshing essential oil blend, perfect for aromatherapy benefits. The soft and soothing Lavender calms the mind and senses, while bright Lemongrass energizes and Jasmine’s sweet floral scent inspires positivity.

Place these elegantly designed diffusers throughout your home or office to create a tranquil atmosphere. The slim design takes up minimal space while releasing delightful fragrance for up to 90 days.

Long Lasting Aromatherapy Bliss

At the heart of this reed diffuser lies an exquisite fusion of nature’s finest essential oils. Lavender’s peaceful vibes blend beautifully with cheerful Lemongrass and romantic Jasmine. Their harmonious aromas will uplift your mood and help you destress.

Each artisanal glass bottle contains 12 hand cut, eco-friendly rattan reeds. Thesenatural reeds effectively draw up and disperse the essential oils into the air. Flip the reeds every 2-3 weeks to refresh the fragrance diffusion. No mess, no fuss.

With proper reed rotation, these reed diffusers will scent your home with botanical bliss for up to 90 days. Extend the life even more by occasionally topping up the oil.

Thoughtful Gift for Any Occasion

This reed diffuser set arrives beautifully packaged in a decorative gift box, making it a fabulous present for any occasion.

Delight a friend or family member on their birthday, anniversary, housewarming or during the holidays. It also makes a wonderful hostess gift. Brighten someone’s day with sweet scents and aromatherapy benefits.

Placing diffusers throughout the home allows fragrance to greet you in every room. Put one in the living room to inspire creativity and conversation. Add another to the bedroom for a calming pre-sleep ritual. Freshen up the bathroom with a bright citrus scent to start your day refreshed.

Handcrafted with Care

Each facet of these reed diffusers has been designed with care to enhance their look, scent dispersal and longevity.

– Hand blown glass bottles have slim profiles to conserve space while making an elegant statement. Their wide, stable bases prevent tipping.

– The rattan reeds are sustainably harvested and hand cut for the perfect absorbency. Their natural light color blends into any decor seamlessly.

– Long-lasting essential oil blends contain only pure, natural ingredients. They’re formulated for optimal aroma diffusion and skin safety.

– Secure bottle stoppers prevent the valuable oils from evaporating between uses.

– Decorative gift packaging protects the beautiful diffusers during storage and gifting.

Create a Soothing, Positive Atmosphere

Bring the relaxing and inspiring benefits of aromatherapy into your daily life with this thoughtfully crafted reed diffuser set. They make wonderful gifts or affordable self-care additions to your own home.

The harmonious blend of Lavender, Jasmine and Lemongrass fills each space with tranquility and positivity. Let their soothing scents calm your mind, uplift your mood and turn any room into a relaxing oasis.


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