Transform Your Space with Jelymark’s Elegant Shag Moroccan Area Rug


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Refresh your home décor and add a touch of chic style with Jelymark’s Shag Moroccan Area Rug. This modern geometric rug features a distressed design and is crafted using premium soft faux wool for a super plush feel. Available in versatile sizes like 4×6 feet, this area rug brings cozy comfort and timeless elegance to any room.

Ultra-Plush Shag Construction with Memory Foam Cushion

Jelymark’s shag rug features a sumptuous two-layer construction. The top layer consists of dense, non-shedding faux wool fibers with a delightfully soft and fluffy hand-feel. Underneath is a layer of memory foam cushioning that provides extra thickness and cloud-like comfort underfoot. When you step onto this rug, you’ll feel like you’re walking on air!

The high-density faux wool has a faux shag texture that gives this rug beautiful visual depth and dimension. From a distance, the fibers blend together into a chic solid pattern. Up close, you can see the individual fuzzy strands that create luxurious texture and make this rug irresistibly soft and cozy.

Distressed Moroccan-Inspired Style

This Jelymark shag rug features a distressed Moroccan-inspired pattern in fashionable grey and white. The uneven yarn colors and intentional fading effects give this rug a modern boho-chic look. The geometric diamond motif contrasts with the rug’s shaggy texture to create bold highs and lows.

This rug’s faded colors and imperfect distressed details give it plenty of character. The rug looks like it’s been passed down for generations, evoking exotic Moroccan bazaars. Place this rug in a living room, bedroom or office to instantly add visual interest and give your space a global, well-traveled vibe.

Durable and Easy to Clean

Jelymark’s faux wool shag rug is designed to be durable and easy to care for. The synthetic fibers are resistant to shedding, so you don’t have to worry about the rug leaving messy fuzz behind on your floors or clothes.

For regular upkeep, simply vacuum using a handheld attachment to refresh the rug’s lofty pile and suck up dust and debris. For a deeper clean, the rug is machine washable. Just place it inside a laundry bag before washing to protect the fibers. Lay flat to air dry. The rug is colorfast, so you can safely wash it without fear of the colors running or bleeding. A mild detergent is recommended; do not use bleach or other harsh chemicals.

Non-Slip Design for Safety

This area rug features a non-slip rubber backing to help keep it firmly in place. Thousands of gripper dots on the underside grab onto hard floor surfaces to prevent sliding, wrinkling or movement. Now you don’t have to worry about tripping on a buckled edge.

The non-slip backing also protects your bare floors from scratches. No need for a plastic rug pad—the rug has built-in padding for convenience.

Transforms Any Room

Jelymark’s shag Moroccan rug is suitable for any room in your home. Available in versatile 4 x 6 feet dimensions, this area rug can fit in front of a kitchen or bathroom sink, beside a bed or couch, or under a dining table. Use it to define a cozy reading nook in your living room or to add softness to a high-traffic hallway.

In a bedroom, this plush rug is perfect to sink your toes into after getting out of bed in the morning. The distressed style and muted color palette give bedrooms a relaxed boho feel.

The rug also works well in kids’ rooms, playrooms and nurseries. The soft fibers and memory foam cushioning provide a comfortable surface for little ones to play and crawl on. Durable construction means this rug can stand up to years of wear and tear from pets and kids.

A Chic and Cozy Addition to Your Home

Jelymark’s shag Moroccan rug combines stylish distressed patterns and indulgently soft texture to create an area rug that feels amazing underfoot and instantly elevates your space. Moroccan-inspired motifs and versatile neutral colors allow this rug to complement nearly any home décor style from modern to farmhouse.

With its durable easy-care materials and non-slip design, this rug can handle high-traffic areas while adding a plush landing spot for tired feet. Refresh your floors with the cozy comfort and boho-chic style of Jelymark’s Shag Moroccan Area Rug.


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