VERONES 4oz Quilted Mason Jars with Lids and Bands – Vintage Canning Jars for Jams, Honey, Spices, Wedding Favors – Set of 16 Plus 20 Free Chalkboard Labels


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Vintage-Inspired Mason Jars for Endless Possibilities

Take a step back in time with these beautifully quilted 4oz mason jars from VERONES. Perfectly sized for jams, jellies, spices, and more, these vintage-style canning jars add charm and practicality to any kitchen.

Charm and Convenience in One Small Package

Featuring classic silver lids and bands, these pint-sized mason jars conjure images of bustling country kitchens filled with bubbling preserves and aromatic spices. The vintage quilted design adds elegance, making these jars ideal for culinary gifts, wedding favors, and old-fashioned home decor.

Despite their nostalgic styling, the jars boast exceptional modern quality. Made from durable glass and fitted with airtight, BPA-free lids, they keep contents fresh while lending rustic flair. Measuring 4.25 inches high x 2.5 inches wide, these 4oz vessels fit neatly in the palm of your hand – and on pantry shelves.

Endlessly Versatile – Fill Them with Anything!

Thanks to their conveniently compact size, VERONES quilted mason jars work wonders for storage, crafts, gifts and display. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Fill with homemade jams, jellies, marmalades and preserves
  • Package spices, herbs, teas, coffee, and drink mixes
  • Create unique favors for weddings, showers and parties
  • Give as housewarming, hostess or holiday gifts
  • Decorate with ribbons and raffia for a shabby chic look
  • Store cotton balls and Q-tips in the bathroom
  • Display flowers, seashells and potpourri around the home
  • Hold candles, bath salts, soaps and more
  • Take on picnics and pack kids’ lunches

With VERONES mason jars, the possibilities are endless! Use them any way you like – the vintage design makes ordinary items extraordinary.

Premium Quality and Safety

While visually charming, VERONES quilted canning jars offer more than just cute styling. Each component is crafted to meet rigid quality standards, ensuring the very best in safety and performance.

The jars are made from durable soda lime glass that withstands boiling baths during canning. Thermal shock and temperature resistant, they transition beautifully from freezer to oven.

Lids and bands feature corrosion-resistant steel and BPA-free lining for a tight vacuum seal. The quilted pattern is permanently fused to the exterior – it won’t scratch or peel.

VERONES mason jars meet FDA criteria for food contact and maintain USDA guidelines for home canning. You can trust them for jams, pickles and all your preserving needs.

Convenient Set of 16 Jars + Extras

This complete set from VERONES includes:

  • 16 x 4oz quilted mason jars
  • 16 silver screw-on lids
  • 16 metal bands for securing lids
  • 20 free chalkboard labels for dating and labeling
  • 16 extra lids for future use

With 32 lids total, you’re set for any sealing, storing, and gifting needs. The included chalkboard labels make it easy to organize contents.

Jars measure 4.25 inches high x 2.5 inches wide and hold 4 fluid ounces each. They nest neatly together for compact storage.

Beautifully Boxed for Convenient Gifting

VERONES packs this mason jar set in a sturdy cardboard box, perfect for storage or safe transport. Inside, jars are protected by cardboard partitions and bubble wrap.

The attractive packaging allows you to gift jars immediately – no wrapping required! Just tie a ribbon around the box and present to newlyweds, hosts, or foodie friends.

Mason jars also ship safely when ordering online. They’ll arrive intact and ready to fill with your favorite foods, craft supplies and more.

Create Charming Kitchen Creations with VERONES

Do you love the nostalgic look of vintage canning jars? With VERONES quilted 4oz mason jars, you can enjoy timeless style and quality craftsmanship. Safely store homemade foods, create unique gifts, or use for decorating – the possibilities are endless!

Order this beautifully complete set today and enjoy the charm and convenience of pint-sized preserving jars!


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