VIPOSCO Large Collapsible Laundry Hamper Basket with Leather Handles – Sophisticated Dirty Clothes Storage Bin for Bedroom, Bathroom, Laundry Room, and Nursery


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Keep your home tidy and organized with the VIPOSCO Large Collapsible Laundry Hamper. This sophisticated laundry basket is crafted from high quality natural cotton rope and features sturdy leather handles for easy carrying. With a generous 100L capacity, this laundry hamper provides ample storage for piles of dirty clothes, towels, linens, and more.

The VIPOSCO hamper features an elegant and minimalist design consisting of neat rows of tightly woven cotton rope. This gives the hamper a clean, uniform look that blends seamlessly into any bedroom, bathroom, or laundry room décor. Whether you place it in the corner, next to the washing machine, or use two for sorting lights and darks, this hamper adds a touch of simple refinement to any room.

Structurally, the VIPOSCO laundry basket is built to last. The natural cotton rope has been carefully selected and tightly woven to prevent snagging, fraying, and deterioration over time. The hamper maintains its shapely woven form despite repeated use thanks to the premium rope material and reinforced seams. Furthermore, the connections between the rope body and leather handles are strengthened to prevent tearing. You can trust this hamper to hold up wash after wash without fail.

Spacious Interior Holds Loads of Laundry

With a generous 100 liter capacity, this VIPOSCO hamper provides ample space for piles of dirty clothes, towels, linens, and other laundry. The tall, open design makes it easy to toss items in from any direction. No more struggling to cram overflowing piles of laundry into small flimsy baskets. This sturdy hamper can handle multiple loads of laundry and keep your space organized in between wash days.

The 100L VIPOSCO basket measures 20.5″L x 12.5″W x 24″H. These generous dimensions mean you can fit piles of laundry, blankets, towels, shoes, pillows, and more inside with room to spare. The hamper is also available in smaller 30L, 58L, and 72L sizes to suit different storage needs.

Carry Laundry With Ease

Built-in leather straps make it easy to lug loads of laundry up and down stairs. The straps are made from soft yet durable leather that won’t dig into your hands like rope or plastic handles. You can comfortably carry even the 100L basket when fully loaded without straining yourself.

The handle connections are reinforced to bear heavy loads without tearing out of the basket. No more flimsy handles ripping off just when you need them most. The VIPOSCO hamper and handles form a sturdy unified structure you can trust to securely transport laundry.

Collapsible Design Fits Anywhere

The VIPOSCO laundry basket features a collapsible design that flattens for easy storage when not in use. Simply push down on the sides to flatten the hamper into a fraction of its normal size. This allows you to tuck the empty hamper out of sight in closets, under beds, or other confined spaces. No more tripping over a bulky hamper taking up valuable floor space!

When laundry piles up again, just pull the sides up to restore the hamper’s full shape. The natural memory of the tightly woven cotton rope helps the basket pop back open without deforming. This collapsible functionality makes the VIPOSCO hamper ideal for small homes and apartments where storage space is limited.

Versatile Organization Around Your Home

With its minimalist design and multiple size options, this cotton rope hamper integrates beautifully into any room:

  • Bedroom – Use it to collect clothing and linen laundry. The neutral colors blend with any decor.
  • Bathroom – Store used towels or bathroom rugs inside. The tall open design promotes airflow to prevent mold and mildew.
  • Laundry Room – Sort lights and darks with two hampers side-by-side or different family members’ laundry in separate baskets.
  • Nursery – The cute 30L size is perfect for kids’ rooms to tidy toys, stuffed animals, blankets, and clothes.
  • Dorm Room – The collapsible design takes up little space in cramped dorms. Easy to stash under a lofted bed when not needed.

With its simple styling and multiple sizes, the VIPOSCO laundry hamper fits right in anywhere you need neat and tidy laundry storage.

Premium Quality Natural Materials

VIPOSCO laundry baskets are constructed from high quality natural cotton rope and leather. The premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship ensure these hampers will become laundry room staples that endure for many years.

The tightly woven cotton rope has a natural softness and pliability that prevents snagging delicate clothing. Air circulates freely through the breathable cotton sides to prevent mold and mildew from developing. The charming woven texture adds visual interest and complements both traditional and modern spaces.

Real leather handles provide the ultimate in comfort and durability. Leather develops a rich patina over time that only increases its vintage appeal. Sturdy leather also withstands frequent carrying and pulling far better than plastic handles.

Simple Yet Sophisticated Design

VIPOSCO laundry baskets feature a minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic enhanced by premium details. The shapes are clean and uniform with rounded corners for safety. Neutral ecru shades blend seamlessly into light or dark rooms.

Chic leather handles and embossed branding add sophisticated accents. The result is a laundry hamper that looks beautiful enough to leave out while complementing your room decor. Tidy laundry storage doesn’t have to look cluttered!

The VIPOSCO Laundry Hamper Difference

Not all laundry baskets are created equal. Here’s why VIPOSCO hampers stand apart from the competition:

  • Premium Materials – Handcrafted from natural high grade cotton rope and real leather.
  • Reinforced Structure – Tightly woven rope keeps shape wash after wash. Handles won’t tear out.
  • Generous Capacity – Available in 30L, 58L, 72L and 100L to fit any space.
  • Collapsible Functionality – Flattens for easy storage when not in use.
  • Elegant Minimalist Design – Chicly integrates into any décor. Looks beautiful left out.
  • Multipurpose Use – Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, nurseries, closets, dorms, and more!

We Stand Behind Our Laundry Baskets

Each VIPOSCO laundry hamper is backed by a 1-year product warranty and friendly Oregon-based customer service. We take pride in the quality craftsmanship of our hampers and believe they will serve your home well for years to come. However, in the unlikely event you experience any issues with your basket, we’re here to make it right!

We hope our beautiful laundry hampers help you keep laundry under control so you can spend more time enjoying the finer things in life. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to get this sophisticated laundry storage solution for your home!


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