Warm Up Rooms Quickly and Safely with the 1500W Ceramic Space Heater


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When the cold weather hits, don’t let chilly indoor temperatures leave you shivering. The 1500W Ceramic Space Heater provides powerful, energy-efficient heating to comfortably warm up rooms in your home or office.

Advanced PTC Heating Technology

This space heater utilizes advanced PTC ceramic heating elements and a high-speed fan to rapidly produce abundant warmth. The innovative design delivers more thermal energy and faster heating than conventional ceramic coils. Feel the difference PTC makes as it quickly takes the chill out of poorly insulated spaces up to 200 square feet.

Wide-Angle Oscillation Distributes Heat Evenly

An internal motor gently rotates the heater 60° back and forth to evenly distribute warm air throughout the room. Oscillation mode prevents hot and cold spots for consistent heating you can feel in every corner. Keep your body warm as you read, work, or relax without having to huddle directly in front of the heater.

Digital LED Display with Remote Control

Easily adjust settings right from your seat with the included remote. Switch power on/off, set your preferred temperature between 59-86°F, and activate oscillation. The clear LED display lets you see the current temp and heating mode from across the room. All functions work seamlessly on the main control panel too.

24-Hour Programmable Timer

Make your life easier by programming the heater to automatically turn on and off when needed. Use the remote to set the timer in 1-hour increments up to 24 hours. The heater will safely start heating and stop when timed out so you don’t have to remember.

Energy-Saving ECO Mode

Activating ECO mode saves energy by maintaining the room temperature at an economical 79°F. This lowers your electricity bill without sacrificing too much comfort. The smart thermostat precision controls heat flow to prevent energy waste from overheating.

Quiet Enough for Bedrooms

A noise level under 45 decibels allows whisper-quiet operation. Keep one beside your bed or in the baby’s nursery without bothersome fan sounds disturbing your rest. The quietness also makes it unobtrusive for offices, living rooms, and studios.

Built-In Safety Features

This heater is designed with several layers of protection to prevent hazards. The exterior stays cool to the touch for safety around kids and pets. Auto shut-off turns the heater off if tipped over or overheated. Enjoy reliable carefree heating wherever needed.

Lightweight and Portable

With a slim tower design, integrated carry handle, and compact footprint, move this heater from room to room with ease. Weighing only 4 lbs., you can conveniently warm up the basement, bathroom, garage, or take it along on camping trips. The portability brings targeted heating anywhere.

Experience Efficient Heating This Winter

Stay cozy and energy smart this winter with the 1500W Ceramic Space Heater. Its PTC heating element, wide-angle oscillation, programmable timer, and remote control provide comfort with ease. Keep your home warm affordably with this essential electric heater designed for safety and convenience.


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